Monday, November 16, 2015


Up and at'em this morning at 7am with the arrival of g-daughter.  We put her back to sleep in her swing and while hubbie fixed breakfast I did chores. Another 27 degree morning with lots of frost today.
When I came back inside Re brought EL and BB over so she could sleep today after working all night.
All the kids had breakfast , EL and BB had waffles and apple sauce, g-daughter had her bottle.
G-daughter went back to sleep while the other two started a day of play with Mimi and Pawpaw.
This little John Deere tractor that a friend of mine gave to g-son years ago is still a popular riding toy for each new rider !!

EL was loving having g-daughter here.

After everyone had lunch BB and EL went down for naps and g-daughter sat on the dining room table and watched hubbie and I have our lunch.
Not a chance to get them all three to sleep at the same time !!!  G-daughter stayed wide awake until BB woke from his 2 hour nap then she went to sleep, EL got up 30 minutes later !!
During BB and EL 's naps I did get laundry started.
After they all woke up later this afternoon hubbie took EL outside to swing.
I got out my "big" camera and made some close-ups of the kids and I even figured out how to remove the red eye on a free editing site !!!!
BB concentrates on his toys !!!!

 EL is going to be a beauty!!

Cute little g-daughter is watching a bird outside the window !!
I got worried about Re when she didn't respond to a couple text but I figured she was very tired after the car breakdown and working all night on consecutive nights so I let her sleep undisturbed until about 5:00 before I called.
After all the babies were picked up hubbie and I did chores then he went over to daughter's to reset her hot water heater as he forgot to do it last night and she had a cold shower this morning !!!
I finished 3 loads of laundry and talked to #2 son while he was gone.  #2 son is having back trouble and isn't able to drive so he was trying to get an appointment tomorrow with a spine doctor and wanted me to drive him.  If he is still hurting as bad tomorrow and can't get in to see the doctor guess we will be in an emergency room.  He went to a chiropractor today and had an x-ray. The chiropractor said it looked like a couple vertibrae in his neck look jagged and told him to go a spine doctor. Sounds like carrying that heavy mail bag all these years has taken its tole !!  He has been keeping ice on it tonight and said it felt a little better.
In sad news tonight I got word today that my first cousin Winnie Moore died this morning. I knew her health wasn't great but this was a surprise. She was one of 5 cousins left in my generation on my dad's side of the family, now there are only me, my 2 brothers and Louise, another cousin who lives just up the road from us. R. I. P. cousin Winnie.

The first named winter storm of the season formed today and after dropping large amounts of snow in the western states it will soak us with 2-3 inches of rain starting Wednesday.

Thankful tonight for the opportunity to spend time watching all these kids grow up and to enjoy their unconditional love.  God is so good !!!   Praying that son can get some relief and doesn't have anything serious wrong with his back.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Those are some awesome pictures of the kids. El is a real beauty and I see a lot of g-son in your g-daughter. You are so blessed to have them in your life. Blessings