Saturday, November 21, 2015


My phone rang just as the alarm sounded this morning with #2 son on the other end. He said he wanted hubbie to come get him and take him back to mission hospital's emergency this morning. He had spent another sleepless pain-filled night and was going to go over there and demand that they give him an MRI so they could start treatment of what ever was wrong with his neck and arm.
Hubbie and I hurriedly got ready for market and as soon as he helped get me set up he headed up to son's house to pick him up.
I worried all morning as to what son's reaction would be if they refused to abide with his wishes.
Fortunately they were really nice once they realized that he had been there Tuesday and had got no relief even after visiting the doctor they sent him to.  They gladly gave him an MRI and discovered he has a herniated disc in his neck.  He was given three different new medicines plus a different pain med that would be easier on his stomach. He said the pain shot they gave him there gave him the first relief from the intense pain he has had all week and it didn't make him sick even on a completely empty stomach.  Praying that this can be resolved with medicine and not surgery. He has to go to the spine doctor Monday to talk with her and get her take on the MRI images.
He and hubbie got home around 5:00 this evening but it was a day well spent !!
As for my day market was fairly busy today and I got a couple more orders for Tuesday so it will be a very busy next couple days for me.
I left market and made stops at Aldi, Sav Mor, Ingles and Bi-Lo to take advantage of their sale items.
When I turned in the drive d-in-love had a lighted Christmas tree on her porch and was trying to get a Christmas card pic of the kids. It started sprinkling rain and they had to retreat inside out of the cold.
She finally got a couple of really good pics. Very hard to get two kids to smile at the same time !!!!

 I almost had the suv unloaded when hubbie finally got home. He said son's pain was starting to return when he left so maybe the new pain meds will work.
After we got things put away we did the evening chores in a nasty damp, cold light rain. The first "blue" colors indicating snow are on the weather maps for tonight.
Guess I knew it had to turn cold and wintry sooner or later !!!!  Brrrrrrr !!!
Hubbie built our first wood stove fire tonight in the stove downstairs. It feels really good on this cold damp night.
There was a lot of frost this morning at 28 degrees and tomorrow morning is supposed to be about the same with the high temperature all day tomorrow struggling to reach 40 degrees !!!!  How's that for a winter wake up call ?????
Daughter spent the day with her basketball team at Clemson university at "the rally in the valley" as the football team beat Wake Forest to remain the number one team in the nation.
 She is in the back ,second from left.
They didn't have very good seats !!!!
Today was the day for the annual motorcycle riders toy run.
Thanks to all the participants who braved this chilly day as they raised over $12,000 and got lots of toys for Christmas morning for the needy children of our area.
Thankful tonight for the generosity of people.
Praying for #2 son tonight that these meds might get his pain level down and he get some sleep tonight.
Thankful for traveling mercies for daughter and her basketball teams as they traveled  today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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