Friday, November 13, 2015


Brrrrrr !!!! A cold morning greeted me as g-daughter arrived at 7am.
She had matching band-aids after having her shots yesterday. Bless her little heart and those legs were sore !!
She was fine in the morning sleeping peacefully for over 3 1/2 hours.
While she napped I did chores, had breakfast, and baked cakes, 6 caramel,2 pound and a pumpkin spice cake.  She woke up just in time to have lunch with me and then watched me work around the kitchen until it was bottle time again.
I could tell she was getting warmer as the afternoon went on and her sleeping was fretful but she was still a little trooper.
Bless her heart this was her favorite position of the afternoon.
I downloaded my 14th volume of my blog book and got a 50% off coupon to order it today.
What better way to spend a cold afternoon than to snuggle with this little snuggle-bug !!!
We were guarded well as Bernie and Dolly took up guard duty, watching the blowing leaves in the yard.
A high of 54 today coupled with 18mph winds with gust near 30mph made for a nice inside day.
After d-in-love picked g-daughter up I put the plastic covers on the chicken house windows and traded the large waterers for water pans to get ready for the below freezing temps of the season that are starting tonight.

I also put fresh straw in the dogs houses and the garden rooster's barrel after I found the three of them already huddled inside the barrel at 4pm.
It is still 45 degrees at 10:00pm but the wind makes it feel like below freezing already out there.
It was a cold night for the first night of high school football playoffs tonight. Daughter is in the back ground of this picture from the school today during the pep rally. She is the first lady standing to the right of the man in the yellow shirt behind the coaches at the table.
Unfortunately they lost their game tonight at Kings Mountain.
Saw some sad news tonight. One of my favorite high school teachers passed away today. French "Pop" Rogers was a high school math teacher at Edneyville High School for many many years. He was also a member of the Curb Market.  This photo was taken 4 years ago at the reunion of the class of 1966.   R.I.P.  Pop !!
Also on my mind and in my prayers tonight are the people of Paris France as hundreds of people were killed and wounded in 6 separate terrorist attacks tonight.
Okay maybe the third and last Friday the 13th of 2015 lived up to all it's hype in certain areas today.
My prayers are with all the unfortunate folks that were in harms way today and their families tonight. Making me even more thankful to my loving Lord for the peaceful day I had and the blessings it held. I also say a prayer for d-in-love's dad who is in the hospital tonight with problems in one of his legs from his diabetes.
God Bless and Good Night

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