Saturday, November 7, 2015


A rainy morning greeted us as we got ready to head out to market today. Today makes a full week of clouds most all days for our area. Here we did see the sun a couple hours on a couple days but no full days of sunshine for us in a week.
Market was pretty slow with the light rain that continued all day. I am very thankful for what I did sell today.
Daughter came in to help me load back up then we went to the first holiday fair in the area today. It was at St. James Episcopal church and it benefited the charity called Ten Thousand Villages. They had lots of neat things that were handmade in other countries and the prices were pretty good. Both daughter and I filled some of our Christmas list while we were there. We were both impressed with this sale.
I stopped by Aldi to pick up baking supplies after we left the sale and daughter went home.
Hubbie helped me unload in a still light rain fall. We didn't have long to rest as the high school's drawdown fund raiser is tonight. We fed early and headed out to the school to meet daughter and Josh at 5:30.

#1 son's family joined us and we all ate our steak dinners together. They had lots of donated items from area businesses to bid on and had 32 tickets to draw cards on to complete the sale. #1 son got in on the drawing and for $10 got an extra ticket for the $5000 drawing.
They sold all 299 of the 300 tickets they have and held one to auction off close to the end of the drawings.
We are all holding our tickets and hoping to be the lucky ones.

Daughter is always the ticket drawer in these drawdowns.
The kids both did really well tonight as we sat in the school auditorium from about 7:00 until 9:00 watching the auction and all the drawings.

  #1 son got the fartherest along before his number was called out , he got well into the 200's while hubbie and our ticket was called at 251. We got a North Henderson cup and a $20 sheet of coupons.  #2 son and daughter's tickets were called before ours and they got cups with various items in them. 
Oh well !!! there is always next year !!!!
And oh yea, that 300th ticket they auctioned off to be added into the final 10 tickets brought a record bid tonight of  $2,250 !!  yes thats two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars !!!   Unfortunately for the man who bought it ,that ticket was the second one called out when the drawing continued.
We got home a little after 9:00 and relaxed for the rest of the night, hubbie in front of the TV and me blogging.
Thankful tonight for the wonderful community that I live in as I always marvel at the number of folks who come out on this night to support the athletic program and the local high school.
Good Night and God Bless.

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