Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A thinner layer of ice on the water pans this morning tells me the temp probably managed to stay in the upper 20's at least last night.  I 'll have to remember to ask hubbie what the temp was when he left for work early this morning.
After chores and breakfast I picked up #2 son and we headed over to Mission hospital once again !! This time only to retrieve his MRI disc !
We had to walk what seemed like a 1/2 mile to even get to the hospital from where we were directed to park and then walk the other 1/2 mile inside to get to the health management services where we could get the disc.
The first lady told him it would be a $10 charge but when the second lady brought it to him she said they weren't going to charge him ????
While we sat waiting we heard the first lady on the phone with someone saying she didn't understand why her doctor said there was nothing on the disc and told her to bring it back and they would give her another one. Son and I looked at one another and sighed ,our trips over here may not be over yet !!
I got a hot capuccino at the coffee bar in the lobby on the way out and  the warmth of it felt good in my hand and my stomach as we walked back to the Honda through a brisk breeze.  The view from the parking deck .
As we drove back home the traffic was already getting very heavy on the main roads. Glad we could stay on the back roads. Son said he was glad he didn't try driving this distance on his own as he was hurting again by the time we headed home.
 After getting him home I caught up my weekly three loads of laundry and did some house cleaning.
I ate a healthy lunch today so I won't feel so guilty tomorrow if I treat myself !!!

Daughter came by after her basketball practice and we planned tomorrow's dinner.
Hubbie got off work a little early today and worked in his wood getting more cut up.
Aa came by and put out the first roll of hay for his cows over here.
The clouds seemed to hang around all day making a beautiful sunset tonight.
Even the eastern sky was all lit up tonight.
Tonight's beautiful full moon is called the "Beaver Moon" because it is the last full moon to set beaver traps before the water freezes.
The weather is a bit crazy this Thanksgiving for a lot of folks as two very different storms strike different areas. It is very unusual to have a winter storm and a hurricane on the map at the same time.
Over this holiday time winter storm Cara is making traffic a nightmare in some areas.
While hurricane Sandra makes her way north from Mexico to hook on to the front being pushed by Cara.
We are wondering what if any effect we will get from all this activity here in the Eastern states ???
Praying for safe travel for all the folks going to families in other places to have Thanksgiving, may they have traveling mercies and feel the protective hand of God.
Thankful that I will be staying at home tomorrow and having family here for Thanksgiving.
God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May God bless you all.