Monday, November 23, 2015


Up to greet g-daughter at 7am,brrrr, it's a cold 26 degree this morning but the really thick coating of ice on all the water pans makes me wonder if it was even colder earlier.
Re brought EL and BB over so she could sleep this morning after working all night.
G-daughter slept all morning while El and BB had their breakfast and then played. BB went down for over an hour morning nap.
Pawpaw and his girls !!!!!

All three of the kids were so good this morning , they must have known I had  to bake cakes today.
I baked 6 more caramel, 3 coconut, 3 chocolate, 2 pumpkin spice cakes while hubbie entertained them.
I finished just in time for lunch time which is always interesting with the three of them all hungry at the same time. But with a little fore-thought and juggling everything works fine. Guess I can remember my younger years with all three of my kids !!!!!  I can still keep all three happy !!!

After lunch BB went to sleep but poor EL who had forgotten her "giraffe" struggled to find another stuffed animal that would fit beneath her stomach the way she always puts giraffe. Bless her heart she was willing to try anything but nothing gave her the comfort she needed to get to sleep. BB was already asleep so I watched her for an hour struggle to get comfortable ,she didn't cry or make any noise she just rolled and squirmed around. Finally she called out to me waking her brother so I called her mom and told her what was going on. Re came and got them so they could get good naps at home.
G-daughter usually stays awake after she has her lunch time bottle and watches all the movements around her.
She had a restless afternoon and couldn't ever get into a deep sleep again. Hubbie went outside to rake some of the massive amount of leaves that have fallen. They are too thick to blow now .
I iced caramel cakes while g-daughter rested in her swing and watched me. She was all smiles when her brother appeared after school.
After she left I iced more cakes until chore time. After chores my back had to have a rest so I layed on the heating pad and watched the news. Tonight is cooling down quickly as it is already in the lower 30's.
After my short reprieve I did weekly paperwork and paid a couple bills before diving back into getting the remainder of the caramel, chocolate and coconut cakes iced. By the time I had things all packed and ready for market it was midnight. Ohhh,  the joy of the holidays but I am very thankful for the added business.
I am humbly grateful on days like today for the strength the Lord blesses me with and for the ability to handle all these days hold within them. At the end of the day it is a great feeling to know "I can still do it"  but I recognize that it is only with the Lord's help and blessings that it is possible.
God Bless and Good Night

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