Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Up early to greet g-daughter at 7am. She of course went right back to sleep and slept through all the chores and my breakfast before she woke for her morning feeding. Our schedules are starting to jive !
She watched me do my walking video in front of her before she was asleep again.
I got out my baking supplies and baked 3 chocolate cakes and 1 blackberry wine cake today for the beginning of the slow season which I predict will start tomorrow.
This little girl is growing up fast. She is already 2 months old yesterday !!
After lunch she went into a deep restful sleep in her swing and must be just growing because she didn't wake up until 3:00 !!
This picture brought back memories of her brother in his swing also.
After d-in-love came after her I worked on my blog book for awhile until hubbie came home then it was chore time.
Today has been another very cloudy day but no rain fell. Sunshine is predicted for tomorrow and it will definitely be a welcome sight.
A local man who is a weatherman down in S.C. put out his winter weather predictions today and they don't look good !!!  A strong El Nino is shoving lots of moisture our way and our temperatures are predicted to be colder than normal this winter, so look out !!!!

The best news of the day came at 10:00 this morning when the Duke Energy officials announced that they were scrapping the high voltage power line project that could have ran through our property.
Instead of a line with these huge towers running for 48 miles they are going to build a couple of gas fired power plants on the same site of the old coal fired plant that is being shut down. Whew !!!! everyone in this county as well as several others heaved a major relief sigh this morning !!!
I did the weekly paperwork, payed bills and iced cakes tonight before blogging. It seems kind of strange to actually have time to write my daily post on the night before market day but I have a feeling I will be getting used to this !!
The view out of #2 son's hotel suite this evening. Treasure Island Florida is a pretty place !!

God is always so good and only wants our love in return for all the blessings He sends each day.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

Praise God you don't have to worry about the power lines anymore. I am sooo happy for you. What a load off your mind. I have heard two different stories about our winter weather here in WI. One says colder than normal and the other warmer than normal. Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Blessings

Gail said...

We are receiving a gentle loving rain as I write. It is wonderful. We have been dry far too long.

Have a blessed week.