Thursday, November 12, 2015


Market day again, with all the activity this week it seems to be here exceptionally early this week.
It is a beautiful day, maybe our last 70+ degree day of the year ???
A cold wind is supposed to begin late this afternoon and bring in some cold more seasonable weather for us.
Market was really slow today, empty aisles were the rule all day. I am thankful for the few things I did sell. We sure couldn't blame the weather for the non-existent customer day today.

Hubbie came by and brought me lunch from Hot Dog world with one of our coupons we won last week and I had my delicious Greek salad I always get from there.
After market I went to the bank then did my grocery and baking supply shopping. Talked with sis-in-law Sandy and planned the first of our family Thanksgiving dinners.  Tis the season !!!!!
I ran into Josh's mom Connie in Ingles and we had a nice visit.
I got home at 4:00 and got things unloaded and put away and was having a cup of green tea and taking a short rest when hubbie came in from work.
G-daughter had her 2 months check-up this afternoon. She has a cold making her eye swell  but other than that was perfectly healthy, thank you Lord. She weighed 11.4 lbs and was 24 1/4 inches long.  It is always good news when they are growing like they should . Always smiling even with a cold !!!

When I went out to feed the dogs around 5:15 only one dog was peering in the back door, Flash, which was unusual as they all three are usually waiting impatiently for their supper. I called Annie and she came running back over the hill from my nephew's place. Sadie never appeared.
I took care of the chickens and turned the last three youngest chicks out into the Silkie lot so it will be easier for them to stay warm in the upcoming coldest nights of the season this weekend. They seemed to get along fine with the bigger hens.
Hubbie took his truck and drove up the road and over to Aa's house to look for Sadie, she is completely deaf so there is no use calling to her. I called Aa and told him what was going on but he wasn't home from work yet.
Hubbie came back with no sight of her and we left the porch lights on in case she was in sight of home.
About 8:30 Aa called and one of his friends called and said he had gotten a text message from a friend of his that said they had picked up a black dog in Aa's driveway this afternoon and were looking for the owner. he had their phone number.

I called them and they lived just up the road so hubbie and I ran up to their house and picked up Sadie. They had her inside with them and apparently were animal lovers. They noticed her deafness because she wasn't paying any attention to their little dog who was running around her and barking wanting to play. They were very nice and I'm glad that God worked it out so we got her back. She was very ready to get home !!!
I called Aa to tell him it was her and what we figured happened was that UPS stopped at his driveway gate to deliver a package and his dog must have ran down to the gate barking, Annie must have heard her and she and Sadie went to investigate what all the barking was about. The couple that picked Sadie up said there was a bigger red dog with her, which would have been Annie but they couldn't catch her. 
At least everyone is home and safe tonight !!! It was part of God's plan for Sadie to get home tonight is all I can say after the unlikely chain of events that happened.
Earlier this evening I captured this beautiful sunset as a few clouds drifted across the sky with the cold front.
We are just outside the high wind warnings for tomorrow but probably will get the remainder of the leaves blown off the trees around the yard as the cold front comes in. Tonight is supposed to be the last night above freezing for several nights. Thankfully we haven't had any snow yet this season as the western states are getting a real taste of Old Man Winter this week.
Thankful tonight for God and how He just seems to work things out sometimes when we  stand astonished at how things fall into place. Knowing His peace and love is like nothing else you can ever know.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am so glad you found Sadie and that she was safe and sound. That was a very pretty sunset you had last night - we are under cloud cover with very high winds. May God continue to bless you and your family. Have a great weekend. Blessings