Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Early morning phone call from d-in-love saying g-son was having stomach issues this morning and she was taking off work to take him to the doctor. G-daugher has had some of these issues for over a week so d-in-love is wondering whats going on. She got a doctor appointment for this afternoon.
I did chores and had breakfast then checked on #2 son. He was still in a lot of pain as the pain meds he got yesterday made him really sick so he didn't take any more of them.
He needed some soft foods to eat through a straw as he can't raise his head so I headed to Ingles to see what I could find.
I got several protein shakes and different things that I thought he could eat and took them to him. While I was there the Chiropractor he saw Monday called to check on him. I told him what was going on and that he couldn't get an appointment with the spine doctor until Monday. He said to call them and see if it would be okay with them if he went ahead and scheduled an MRI. Since he had taken an x-ray on Monday and saw the problem in his neck he could go ahead and order the MRI and maybe he could have it before his Monday appointment.
I called Carolina spine and they said they had just had an appointment open up tomorrow at 3:00 ??
That made son happy so maybe he can get some relief from the pain then.
I came home and started baking my cakes. I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate, 4 pound, 1 blackberry and 1 pumpkin cake. I was just getting the last ones ready for the oven when d-in-love brought g-daughter in to stay with me while she and g-son went to the doctor. She was dropping a specimen from g-daughter by her doctor on the way.
G-daughter sat in her seat on the table and watched me finish my baking. I can't leave the kitchen because my ovens are still not fixed, grrrrrr !!!! I just haven't had time to call Sears back yet but I think I will try to get my money back and put it on another oven later.
Anyway g-daughter is cute today as she coos and smiles and tries her best to communicate.

When hubbie came in from work we took turns doing the chores in the rain this afternoon. It has rained lightly all day leaving 7/10ths inch in the gauge this evening but just as darkness fell the rains really got harder.
Got a call from #1 son about 5:00 saying g-daughter would be here longer than planned because d-in-love had been involved in an accident on the interstate.
Seems as she approached the bridge over Long Shoals rd there was a cloud of thick smoke. Just as she drove into the smoke a red mini cooper came spinning backward in her lane.
In trying to avoid the spinning car she was hit in the rear by a red Subaru that was following her.
Then the car behind the Subaru collided with it throwing a kayak that was on it's roof rack through the back window of the Subaru.
D-in-love was knocked into the mini cooper at that point but her car being the biggest of the ones involved sustained the least damage.

Also she and g-son walked away with only sore necks as both drivers of the cars behind her were taken to the hospital with a broken wrist and arm.
Bigger vehicles do make safer vehicles.I am glad she got slowed down so that her SUV didn't flip.
She was afraid more cars were going to hit the row of cars she was sitting in on the bridge so she drove her car off the bridge and parked in the grass on the other side of the bridge to the dismay of the trooper who came to investigate the accident. He didn't give any charges tonight as he said he was going to have to sort things out from all the stories he was told from the 5 different drivers.
D-in-love found out as she over heard the mini cooper's driver telling the trooper that his vehicle had water in the gas and he was trying to get it to a garage to be repaired when his car started smoking badly and lost power and slowed to about 35 mph causing an Acura that was following him to hit him when he slowed causing him to spin out that started the whole thing.
I am just glad d-in-love and g-son were not injured in the accident.
#1 son drove down the emergency lane to get to the accident scene and drove her car home while she drove his.
It was a great relief to see all 3 of them walk into the living room tonight !!
G-son was all shook up and had to call his aunt T and tell her all about the accident. He was very hyper active about all the excitement.
After they went home I did the weekly paperwork and payed bills then iced all the cakes I baked.
The rain is pouring outside and our area is under a flood warning now with over 3 inches of rain expected before midnight.
When I let the dogs out around midnight the rain had slacked and I could hear the roaring waters of the creek. I couldn't tell but I'm pretty sure it was flooded. I'm glad Aa came up and put his cattle and horse in the upper pasture this evening.
I finally got in bed around 1am, whew !!!
Of course I am writing this on a slow market day Thursday.
Thankful to God tonight for my health most of all and so thankful that all the folks in the accident tonight were not hurt badly. Praying that it be in God's will for #2 son to get some relief from the intense pain he is in.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

PRaise God no one was seriously hurt and the D-in-love and g-son are okay.