Thursday, October 1, 2015


More rain overnight left another 6/10ths in the gauge this morning as I sloshed through chores and loaded the suv for market.
The skies were trying to clear a little as I sat at a red light entering town this morning.

Market was slow as expected but at least the sun peeked out a couple times making it a nice day.
The weather was definitely the topic of conversation for the day. It looks like this will be the first year in the history of the Curb market that we will not have our Fall Old Timey Day celebration. With the original date set for last Saturday rained out and postponed until this Saturday and the rains coming even more then it was decided if indeed the rains come we can't afford to advertise another rain date so we will just cancel it.  The county has also for the first time in it's history canceled the Farm/City day celebration that is held at Jackson Park the first Saturday in October each year.
 At noon as I watched the local news on my laptop the governor declared a state of emergency for all 100 counties in the state with the impending devastating rainfall predictions no matter what track the hurricane takes.
These are some of the latest predictions.

Thankfully the track of the  Cat 4 hurricane Joaquin has shifted more eastward missing land.
The models are still all over the place with the predictions.
Our flooding even if the hurricane moves more easterly will be because of a low pressure system that has moved through from the west.  That line of low pressure will be pushed back over us by this hurricane and it will suck up an enormous amount of moisture from the hurricane bringing us a once in 1000 years amount of rainfall some weather forecasters are saying.
Asking for your prayers for our area throughout this weather event.
After market I made stops at the bank, PO, Sav Mor, Aldi, Walmart, Sam's Club and Ingles trying to get stocked up for a period without power.  The stores weren't very crowded as I had expected them to be. Although the bottled water isles in the stores were getting pretty empty.
I made it home at 5:00 and hubbie helped me get unloaded and get things put away.
He went back out to the store to get a supply of gas for our generator after watching the news this evening.
The rain is just a light mist this evening thankfully and there was just a trace added to the gauge all day after emptying the 6/10ths this morning.
In the news another sad day for a school as at a community college in Oregon a shooter killed 10 people and injured at least 10 more as he lined them up asking if they were Christians, if they said yes ,they were shot in the head, if they said no, they were shot in the legs.
The shooter was a 26 year old male and he was shot by police in a showdown after they arrived on the campus.
So sad and scary for our nations as these shootings happen more and more frequently.
Praying tonight for the families of all the victims of this senseless massacre.
As I end this first day of October 2015 my heart is heavy with sadness and apprehension about this shooting and this on coming weather event for out area. God is a great healer and he can and will answer all prayers in this time of need. As I end the day I am thankful that I have been blessed with another day in which God is the light of my life.
Good Night and God Bless


Gail said...

And we remain bone dry.

Enjoy the rain, sometimes the lack of is much worse.

Have a blessed week.

linda m said...

I will keep you, your family and and all your friends and neighbors in my prayers that God keep you all safe from the flood waters. Very sad indeed about another shooting. Blessings and stay safe.