Saturday, October 10, 2015


A rainy Saturday morning , so what else is new ???
I sloshed through chores and got ready for market. Market was much busier than I expected with the cool rainy weather. There was a new car show uptown and I guess it drew more folks into town even on this nasty day.
I sold almost out for the first time in a long time, however I really didn't have that much to sell. I could have probably sold a couple more caramel cakes if I had of had them but most customers that came looking for them after they were gone bought something else so it made for a good selling day after all.
I loaded the Honda in a heavy rain shower getting drenched and then made a stop at Aldi to pick up tomorrow's lunch supplies and baking supplies for next Wednesday. I also stopped at Staples to get some printer ink. I would have put this off except I had  a 25% off coupon that expired Tuesday and it saved me $15.
I made it home at 3:30 and hubbie helped me unload still in a lighter rain. There was 8/10ths inch in the gauge from the day's rain and it is still misting rain tonight.
We relaxed for awhile and then did the chores early so we could get ready to head up to a impromptu class reunion of my 1972 class. One of our class members was coming in from Germany for the first time since he joined the service just out of high school. He married and has lived in Germany all these years. He was coming home to settle the estate of his mom and dad so he contacted one of our class officers and ask her to set up something so he could see some of his class mates. I was very surprised at the amount of class mates that were at our dinner tonight. We had it at the Justice Academy's cafeteria which is built at our old Edneyville high school site.
There were 62 graduates in our class, unfortunately 11 have passed away, and there were 27 in attendance tonight , most with their spouses so we had a great crowd.

D-in-love came up and made pictures for us after we ate.
This is me with my cousin and one of my best friends growing up. We three lived just minutes away from each other and would spend hours and hours playing in the fields and creek that ran by all our houses.

I reconnected with a couple friends I haven't seen in many years and it was a great time of reflection for all of us. Hubbie even knew several of my classmates so he had fun also.
As I stood before the table and looked at the 11 classmates photographs  that have passed away a wave of thankfulness washed over me. I am so blessed that God has gifted me these 61 years of healthy,wonderful life. 

As I talked with classmates and caught up with how their lives have been and what they have done since we graduated it was so gratifying to feel part of such a caring group of people.  We had awards given out and Kenny Cox the man who instigated this entire thing with his visit from Germany came the greatest distance, Renda Beddingfield Brackett had been married the longest- 44 years . Donnie Jones had the most kids-4, Eddie Lyda had the most grandkids-12,  Gayle Booth had changed the least, Steve Burgess had changed the most, Nancy Parris had the most grey hair and  Roy Dalton had the least hair. There was a lot of laughs,old memories stirred  and a great time was had by all.
Hubbie and I got home around 8:30 and we crashed to rest after a another busy week.
Thankful to God tonight for the wonderful fellowship tonight and for His blessing me with these past 61 years. I pray that it be His will for me to celebrate more class reunions.
Good Night and God Bless

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