Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Rain pounding on the metal roof woke me this morning. As I dawned my rain gear to head out to do the chores I slipped and sloshed through a muddy waterlogged yard . The hens didn't even come out of their nice warm dry houses. The dogs came out of their lots and headed straight for the covered front porch to lounge for the day.
After I had breakfast I did an indoors exercise tape trying to get back into the habit of some exercise time each day. This will be easier when g-daughter starts getting here on a regular schedule starting tomorrow morning as I will be starting my day an hour earlier.
I turned the crock pot full of apples into some nice spiced sugar free apple sauce.
I did housework until it was time to go pick up g-son from school. His mom had a dr's appointment today.
Just as I started out to school the rains picked up and it poured.
 The umbrella  carrying principle as she calls out names to line up for pick-up. Everyone has a card that goes on your rear view mirror with the name of the child you are picking up on it for her to see.
When we got home I got g-son some Ramon noodles, bacon and cookies ready for his after school snack.
Soon Re brought EL and BB by to stay while she went to a meeting at the hospital. These three get along very well.
Wonder what this conversation is about ????
Mom soon came after g-son and then dad came after EL and BB leaving hubbie and I to again slosh through evening chores in a pouring rain. I emptied 1 & 1/2 inches from the gauge tonight.
Daughter's team's volleyball season came to an end tonight as they lost to AC Reynolds HS in Asheville. They have had a great season. This is a pic tonight of pre-game warm-ups.
I saw this pumpkin carving online today and wondered how anyone would have enough time and patience  to carve a pumpkin into a castle. Wow !!!!
Hubbie watched TV tonight while I blogged then we both headed for an early bedtime as he doesn't feel great and I have to get up an hour earlier in the morning to greet this little precious gobblin who turned 7 weeks old today !!!
It's been a raw day outside with temps in the upper 40's and wind and rain making it very uncomfortable.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and still praying for the families involved in the shooting death of the little girl yesterday.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

You had the rain yesterday, I get the rain today. It will be in the 50's and dining here. At least you have the little ones to keep you company. Can't believe your g-dauhgter is 7 weeks old already. Have fun with them and God bless you.