Thursday, October 22, 2015


Up early to daughter bringing her baked goods by at 7:15 . I rested in bed until the alarm sounded and I rose to meet another market day Thursday.
After chores and getting things loaded I headed out. As I sat at the driveway after getting the newspaper out of the box a long line of cars was passing following a really slow moving truck so I decided to take the back way into town. I was glad I did because their was no traffic on these roads and I got a chance to enjoy the late Fall beauty along the roadsides.
I still made it to market in about the same amount of time.
Market was busy today and I sold well, thankfully as I know these busy days are quickly coming to an end with the end of the apple harvest and the coming of cold weather.
Hubbie brought me a Geek salad for lunch from my favorite place, Hot Dog World.
I bought these huge cabbage heads from one of the market neighbors. I see more canning in my  future and some delicious boiled or fried cabbage.

After market I ran the regular errands and made stops at Ingles, Aldi and Walmart for groceries and baking supplies. I also stopped by a friends apple house and picked up a bag of mixed apples.
Freeman's apple house is on 64 hwy but not one of the more popular stops as all they sell is apples.
When I got home at 4:30 I started unloading and hubbie helped when he got here at 4:45.
I put some chicken tenders in the pressure pot and we had them for supper with left over greens from yesterday.
After the chores were done the sun went down and the cool evening came in fast. We went from a cold 36 degrees this morning to a sunny 78 degree high this afternoon. The humidity level is 19 which is very very dry.
While hubbie watched TV tonight I tried downloading 3 months of my blog book on my laptop and it worked. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this won't work on my desktop.
Oh well having it on my laptop will let me work on it in more convenient places anyway.
To continue with my decade pics to try and catch up these are from our active lives in October 1985.
#1 son celebrated his 4th birthday on the 16th with his brother and sister and all his cousins.

The daycare all the kids went to had a "hobo carnival" that year and our family won first place !!!

This is a favorite teacher the boys had, Tammy Russell, they used to go to her house and play in the evenings some days after school.
Then we all got dressed up again for trick or treating on Halloween.
I don't know who looks more excited me or the kids !!!!!?????
Another happening that month was school pictures.
#1 son at 4 years old.
#2 son was 2 & 1/2 years old and I see a tear in his eye from not wanting his pic taken !!
Both big brothers with a 7 month old little sister.
Niece Holly at 7 years old.
Nephew Aaron at 5 years old.

An exciting October for sure as they kids grew up back then.  Like I said last night I thank God over and over again for all these wonderful memories.
Grateful to God tonight for these memories and the memories I make everyday now that I can look back on and praise His name for the goodness He brings into my life each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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