Friday, October 2, 2015


Up to a misty rainy morning once again to slosh through chores. The light rain slacked to almost a stop allowing me to walk around and survey the wet,wet garden. Since I wasn't home yesterday the first day of the moth until it was pouring rain this is the October garden photo.
The beans are long gone and the trellises are waiting to be stored away, the tomato vines are slowly dying, the winter greens and turnips are a pretty green and the potato ridges are ready to be dug into as soon as the ground dries back up.
This little bed below the house has greens and lettuce that is loving this rain it looks like.

Also the "view from here" photo is showing a little color change this month through the rainy foggy morning.

Back inside I decided to bake  a few cakes as I have a couple orders and looks like to me by judging where the hurricane is moving to and the way things are shaping up that I will be going to market tomorrow.
There is still so many different scenarios from different weather forecasters that it is a gamble any way you go.

To add to the flooding probabilities now we are under a high wind watch. That will bring power lines and trees down all around with this saturated ground.
Our county is under "state of emergency" status and they called off all after school activities for today and tomorrow, even any practice. All rescue personel were called in to prepare for the worst.

I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 1 coconut,  3 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before lunch time.
After lunch I got my raincoat and work boots on and cleaned the driveway ditches out.

I looked around the foundation of our house and found a couple large holes the dogs had dug to fight the heat this summer. They were funneling water down the side of the foundation. I had to crawl under the bushes to get these holes filled back in then I found some boards and bricks to hopefully stop anymore digging in these areas.
Working in a light rain, with the bushes pulling my rain hood off from time to time and working in this heavy plastic raincoat by the time I got inside I was completely soaked from head to toe and my hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower .  I had to laugh at myself when I looked in the bathroom mirror.
After getting cleaned up I took a break in the sunroom and had a cup of hot green tea.
Aa came up to get the cattle in the upper pasture and get Cayenne the horse in the barn.  The cattle didn't co-operate so he went home and brought a roll of hay over to the barn to intice them.
After he left hubbie and I went to look around the lower pasture and as we passed #1 son's house g-son saw us and wanted to go on our walk too.
He remembered climbing on these low limbs of these blown over trees when he was younger.

He also remembered this particular limb that served as a bucking bronco with hubbie doing the bucking on the small end of it.Using hubbie's jacket for a saddle he rode this bronco laughing for a long time.

He found a large piece of limb that had fallen from a pine tree and drug it all the way home, he said to carve on it !!
The creek is staying pretty far down so far with the breaks in the rainfall giving it time to run down.

Something I haven't seen before is these patches of these white flower looking mushrooms all around the pasture.

We went in the house with g-son to see this little angel who looks so bright eyed and happy in this picture.I can't believe she is almost a month old. She weighed 8 lbs at her dr's visit yesterday.

Hubbie left to go feed his dogs and check on the horse. I went back inside the pasture and called to the cattle who had followed us around on our walk and they followed me back up into the upper pasture so I called hubbie who came around behind us and shut the gate so they will stay out of the bottom pasture.
Now all the animals are safely out of the flood plains and can get into the barns for shelter.
After I got my chores done we both got inside before a heavy rain shower came through.
I emptied 8/10ths from the gauge this evening to add to the totals.
After I ate a light supper I iced the cakes and got things ready for market.
That hot long soak in the tub felt good on my tired muscles tonight from all the shoveling I did today. I hope I won't be too sore tomorrow, but surprisingly I don't feel like I will be.
Thanking God for the ability to work like I did today and grateful for the blessings of each day as He walks beside me in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless

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