Monday, October 19, 2015


When I got up at 6:45 to take a potty break I looked at the outside thermometer and it said 31 degrees.
I snuggled back under the covers with a warm Dolly (the dog) pushed up against my back which for a change felt really good !!
Hubbie got up at 7:45 and said the thermometer said 30 degrees before the sun started the warm up. This is the still very frosty yard and pasture at 8:15 when I finished the chores.

These two came early this morning as their mom has to work today in a re-certification nurse training session.
D-in-love went back to work today for the first day since g-daughter was born and her mom stayed at their house with g-daughter. I talked to both of them and things were going good with the first day separation.
When BB went down for a morning nap I got weekly laundry started with the help of EL. Then she played with hubbie while I spread out all the tomatoes we picked yesterday. I ate one of the riper ones and they taste very good.

I've been looking up recipes and found a green tomato relish recipe that looks very easy and delicious.
After BB woke up EL wanted to go outside and swing for a little while before lunch so we bundled up in the still low 50's temps and went outside.

She likes to run everywhere now !!
After lunch they both went down for their naps and hubbie went to the garden to finish digging our potatoes while I stayed inside and finished the laundry and watched the sleeping kids on the monitors.
I also tried another way to download more months of my blog book but it didn't work either, grrrrr.
BB woke up first and we played while EL finished her nap.  This little piano has been through three kids now as BB is enjoying it. And this little tractor was given to g-son by a friend of mine when he was about BB's size , look who's riding now !!!  I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up !

Re came in earlier than she expected and got all the training done today and doesn't have to go back tomorrow so she was happy about that.
After she took the kids home hubbie brought the potatoes in the basement. We got a pretty normal amount even with the dry weather this summer. Re took one whole bucket home with her and we have this many left for our winter meals.
This year we have some really good sized ones for baking !
We  did the chores a little early then made a trip to Lowes to buy a backpack leaf blower hubbie found on sale. We ended up getting an even better deal because we had to buy the demo and the gas cap was gone so they knocked off another $30 .
I also stopped at Aldi to get some onions, mustard and horseradish to go in the recipes I have found for the garden end produce we gleaned.
Hubbie wanted hotdogs for supper so he grilled some all-beef hotdogs when we got home.
I am tired tonight and looking forward to that nice warm bed again tonight as the temps are predicted to once again fall into the low 30's . It is 43 at 9:30 while I am writing this so we may even get colder than last night.
Grateful for a very blessed day and looking forward to what God has in His plans for me tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

That sure is a lot of potatoes; you are set for the winter. Good luck with the green tomato relish. We had our first frost the other day, now it is leaf raking time. Blessings