Saturday, October 3, 2015


Rain was pounding down when I woke up this morning, I had gotten up at 5:30 to go to the bathroom and no rain was falling so I guess the rains were a little later getting here than expected.
There was a slight break in the hard rains just as I finished making my coffee and hubbie and I both used this break to get the morning chores done and get the Honda loaded for market. There is no signs of flooding yet and the wind isn't too high so hopefully there will be some customers visit market today. I glanced at the rain gauge and saw around 1.25 inches this morning.
Different day , different boots , same purpose !!!
The forecasters haven't backed off the rain totals for our area much even with the movement out to sea of hurricane Joaquin.

Market was better than expected actually today. There weren't many sellers who braved the weather but we were pleasantly surprised by the number of customers who came through today.
After market I lucked up with only light rain falling when it was time to load to leave.
On the way home there wasn't much traffic on the roads but there sure was a lot of water.
This was an area south of the market on Greenville hwy that always has flooding troubles.
 Today there doesn't have to be a creek or stream nearby for the roads to be flooded.
All the streams I crossed on my way home were bank full and spilling over.
Same as Clear Creek at our place. Daughter was visiting her new niece at #1 son's house today.
I stopped to check in with them and took these pictures at 2:30 this afternoon.

Compare today's "view from here" picture with yesterday's !!!!!
I looked at the rain gauge and there is around 2.5 inches in there. I will check it later for a final daily total.
Hubbie and I both relaxed for a little while this afternoon as the rains continued to come down.
As I sat at he computer listening to the wind blow outside I looked up out the window at these 3 huge Oak trees and said a silent prayer that they might stand strong in the winds and not fall on our house.

About 5:00 #1 son brought his Ford Escape up to the barn to work on his back brakes, hubbie went up there to hold a light for him. They have a covered shop area but it was full of water.
I decided to feed a little early as the dark clouds were making darkness come early today.
I had to do some work in Annie's dog lot to get the water out before I fed.
After chores in a still light rain fall I walked  to the covered patio to make another picture of the flood waters and to my surprise saw that they had receded since I came home at 2:30.
The total rainfall since yesterday evening at chore time was 3 inches.

We were more fortunate than a lot of folks around the area but all in all the event wasn't as bad as predicted so far. With the hurricane speeding up and moving quickly away from our coast the line of moisture out of it shifted more east to west and has less rain reaching this far west.
Some areas narrowly missed catastrophic flooding along the Rocky Broad river.
If you ever wonder why it is called the "rocky" Broad !!!!
Patton Park in Hendersonville also flooded badly earlier today when Mud Creek topped its banks.
Unfortunately we are not completely out of the woods yet and our power is blinking tonight pretty often with the winds that are supposed to get up to about 25mph later this evening and a light rain continues to fall.
Thanking God for sparing us so far any major flooding or damage and grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Glad you all are okay. I have been seeing reports from both North and South Carolina... Unbelievable....Flooding is NO FUN. Hope the worst is over.

We had more rain today--but ours is NOTHING compared to you. We had mostly DRIZZLE ---all weekend...


Gail said...

May all stay safe.