Monday, October 5, 2015

SUNSHINE !!!!!!!!!!!

Awake right on time this morning for the arrival of EL and BB as Re needs to sleep after working all night last night at the hospital.
Hubbie is off on Mondays so we tag team them. I got some laundry done as this little guy is a bottle holding big boy now !!! He was happy to watch the clothes in the dryer as they turned while I loaded the washer.
Outside hubbie and EL played a round of golf. She had to pick just the right golf club.

BB and I had to get outside in the warm sunshine this morning. He watched sister slide with a smile.

He got his turn also as a very good big sister held him tight.

She was  funny though as after the slide with him she told him to get back in the stroller and she buckled him in. I don't think she is ready to share all her fun time with him just yet !!!
 She has grown so tall she kept bumping her head on this board on the smaller slide.
After a morning of fun in the sun we all came inside to have lunch. I fed BB while EL's mac and cheese cooked and cooled.  Mom came over and we all had lunch together from yesterday's lunch leftovers then she took them home for naps.
EL takes great naps here but BB doesn't like sleeping here and this morning a usual 90 minute nap lasted about 20 minutes for him.
Hubbie got out the lawn mower and discovered it had a dead battery and wouldn't even jump off so he headed to Tractor Supply to get another one as our grass is really high after all the rain.
While he was mowing I finished the laundry and tried to work with a lady at Blurb to figure out why my next blog book wouldn't complete downloading. She said I had too many images so I guess I'll have to shorten the months in this book again.
As I worked some in the yard picking up all the limbs and debris blown out of the trees over the weekend I couldn't help but feel guilty that this is all we have to do after this storm passed.
The historic flooding in South Carolina that took 12 lives and has left thousands of folks homeless and over 500 roads and bridges closed, including some of the main interstates like I-95, which is pictured below totally under water .
Many roads and bridges are completely gone in spots.
Towns are completely underwater as the news reported that 50% of the entire state is underwater today.

As hurricane Joaquin blasted the Bahamas with major flooding and high winds it also sunk this 735 foot cargo ship with it's 33 member crew.
Prayers go out to all the folks in all these areas tonight.
Fortunately for our area as the sun reflected off the receding flood waters the lines in the roads became visible and only a few roads were still closed tonight from the flooding French Broad River.
After chores tonight I worked on putting my blog book on another site but there also it was too many pages for one book.
I love using lots of photos to help tell my stories so I have no plans to reduce the amount of pics I post , guess I'll just make shorter books.
Thankful tonight for God who spared us the devastation that many have seen this past weekend and asking that He be with each one of the folks that are in harms way to comfort and give them each the strength they need to rebuild their lives.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

I thank God you all are safe. And I've been praying for all those affected by the floods. It is so sad about the ship sinking and all 33 lives lost. :( Blessings