Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Had to make an early morning trip to school this morning with g-son's forgotten book bag. How he goes to school without his book bag I will never know but this is the second time he has forgotten it and had to be rescued by Neena !!
After, breakfast and devotions I started baking. The cold morning still a frosty 34 degrees bluffed me out of my walk this morning. I'll have to start walking inside anyway soon when g-daughter is here.
I need to take evening walks now when it is warmer. I love to walk outside and commune with God as I marvel at all His creations.
I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate, 6 pound , 1 blackberry wine, an apple and pumpkin spice cake and made  pumpkin and snicker doodle cookies while waiting for the cakes to come out of the oven.
With it already 3:30 I decided that housework for today would be postponed.  I needed a "me" break so I sat outside in the nice warm sunshine as I know these upper 60's temperature days are certainly number now.
I watched Aa picking the soybeans in the pasture across the creek and thought how that is a perfect reminder that harvest is almost done for this year in all the crops around the area.

When hubbie came in from work we picked some fresh Kale greens from the garden and had them with a couple little round steaks he grilled for us.
I spent the evening doing the weekly paperwork and paying bills before icing all the cakes from today.
I got things all read for market by 11:00 pm tonight.
I have had so many pics in each blog post this month I haven't gotten any decade post in so tonight will be a double year post.
From October 1955 I found these two photos of me sitting on the hood of dad's Oldsmobile and with my mother. I was 15 months old on the 31st day of October.

Fast forward 10 years until October 1965 and this is a letter from my oldest cousin who lived in Michigan, Veronica Warner. Veronica was my mom's sister's daughter.

Memories , memories , I have so many of them and I thank God everyday for each one of them. I look back and think what a blessed life I have led. Even when I didn't feel very blessed , I was !!
If we all take time to reflect on what we have and how we got to where we are we should all be on our knees in prayerful thanks that in our "valleys" of life God was always there reaching down to us.
Good Night and God Bless

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