Wednesday, October 28, 2015


A great way to start the day, feeding this little angel her breakfast.

 Well really it was more on the time of brunch because after her mom brought her at 7:00 on her way to work she went back to sleep and didn't wake up until almost 10:00.
That gave me time to get all my regular morning things done and then relax and feed her.
After she ate she sat in her swing and watched me do my walking video. She thought that was really something to watch me walking around the room in front of her.
After she went back to sleep I baked cakes. I only had 2 pound cakes, 2 chocolate and 1 blackberry wine cake to bake today and the oven repair man who is coming today said he would be here between 1 and 3 this afternoon so that all timed out well for a change.
G-daughter woke up to have her lunch just before I had mine. She is such a happy baby !!!!
She went back down for another nap while the oven repair man was here. This is the same man that came last time and said he had never seen an oven like mine and had never worked on one before.
The lady that postponed the appointment last time told me a out and out lie about why she was postponing it. She said I needed a senior repairman and there would be one available on this date not on the date scheduled a couple weeks ago.  So when "Danny" showed back up and reasserted he was not a senior repairman I knew she had lied.
Anyway I told him it would do no good to install the parts that came in the mail as now the upper oven was once again doing the same thing as it did before they were both worked on and the same parts were put in both. After I told him about the first man calling someone who evidently knew something about these ovens he also made a phone call. This time with the breaker thrown he was instructed to check the heat probes and one of them was reading a crazy reading so now they are ordering new probes and will come back Nov. 10 and put them on.  At least there is still no charge for all this and if they keep replacing parts they are bound to hit on the correct one sooner or later and if it's later I'll have virtually a new oven when that happens.  He also told me again not to expect any new appliance to last more than 5 to 7 years before it started giving trouble, oh boy!!!, my oven is 5 years old !!!
After he left I fed little missy again and then played with her for awhile, well as much as you can play with a 7 week old !!!!
I think she likes her Pawpaw !!!!!
D-in-love came after her at 4:00 and she was glad to see her mom after having a bit of a tummy ache later this afternoon.
Hubbie rested when he got home, he is either having sinus pain or tooth pain under one of his eyes and it is making him not feel well at all. We are hoping it is just his sinus acting up with the change in the weather.
I was busy putting things back into place after the repairman and wrapping the cakes I baked this morning.
After chores and supper I worked in my office on weekly paperwork and paid bills. Most month end bills are a juggle and this month is no different.
I finally got everything finished about 8:30 and got to watch the end of Survivor while I iced the 2 chocolate layer cakes.
Today started out rainy but this evening it was nice and the temps got in the mid 60's for a warmer day. I emptied another 1 & 3/10ths inches of rain from the gauge this evening.
Grateful for the blessing of g-daughter as I looked at her today and thought what a little miracle these babies are and how perfectly they are shaped and molded by the loving hands of our Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

Don't you just love being lied to by customer service people. That is so infuriating to me. At the rate they are going your oven will be totally new. hehe G-daughter is as cute as a button. Love the way she looks at her Pawpaw. God's blessings on you and your family.