Wednesday, October 14, 2015


As  I did the chores this morning in the chilly temps I knew that the warmer days of summer and early fall are quickly becoming a part of the history of the year 2015.
After breakfast and devotions on my walk I saw the beautiful signs of colder weather everywhere.
This Oak leaf must have blew off the tree in transition !!
The colors of the leaves this year is vibrant so far.
Poplar and the heart shaped Redbud tree leaves are bright yellow.

There are very few Persimmons left clinging to almost bare branches of the Persimmon trees.

I saw no walnuts left either on the trees or on the ground after all the squirrels have gleaned them all for their winter food supply. There is an abundance of acorns this year indicating a harsh winter on tap.
These Maple helicopters hang on waiting for just the right breeze to go spinning away to a perfect landing place for a chance to become a new Maple tree.
The Burning bushes have bright red berries on them but their leaves are not getting their "burning" red color of the season yet.
These Chinese Lanterns peek out from under the leaves waiting to be picked for Fall decorating purposes.
There is still a lot of green leaves surrounding the vibrant colors.

Back inside from my walk I baked cakes, 18 caramel, 2 chocolate, 6 pound cakes, finishing around 3:30 for a long day at the ovens. You can tell it is definitely mid October around here.

I sat out in the covered patio with my friend and relaxed until hubbie got home from work.

It is almost too cool for a t-shirt out here with the 69 degree temps and strong breeze that is blowing a coldest air of the season into our area this weekend.
 Hubbie and I watched the news then did chores. He grilled some asparagus to go with out turkey breast for a yummy supper tonight.
I did weekly paperwork then dived into all my icing for the evening. I finished up about midnight bringing a very busy day to an accomplished end.
When I saw this on the internet I remembered d-in-love said today was g-son school picture day !!!

Grateful to God for the strength He gives me every day.
God Bless

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