Friday, October 16, 2015


As this day gets started I want to wish my two "firsts" a very happy birthday. My first born , #1 son, was born about 9am on this day 34 years ago.
And around noon on this day in the year 2006 , a short 9 years ago ,my first grandchild came into this world as d-in-love gave birth to g-son.
To say this is a special day in my life would be a vast understatement. I pray each day that the Lord blesses these two special guys abundantly and may all their dreams come true.

 Friday's are always hectic around here. This morning started out calmly as I finished the routine chores  had breakfast and read the Bible.  I was getting ready to go on a walk when the phone rang.
It was Hubbie saying he was getting off work a couple hours early so he could help get all the plants inside and glean the garden. This was work I thought would happen tomorrow but it will be better to get it done today as they are now saying maybe 34 degrees tonight and they could miss it.

Instead of walking I started baking. I baked 12 caramel, 1 coconut, 3 chocolate,4 pound , 1 blackberry and an apple and pumpkin spice cake. I finished all this before hubbie came in from work at 2:30.
I cleaned all the dead leaves and spent blossoms off all the hanging baskets that come inside and got them all snug and safe from frost inside.
Then we moved everything else into the basement . This cold weather green house sprung up downstairs and things were moved round to give the plants all the sunlight I could in front of the window.

After all the plants were inside we headed for the garden. Re and the kids came over to help.
EL helped pawpaw dig some potatoes . These don't have to be dug now but he thought he could get a few dug to eat until we get the rest dug up.

We also got the peppers all gleaned . We have bells, sweet and hot bananas , jalapenos, and lots of cayennes for heating up our recipes this year.

I picked some greens and turnips for our supper tonight. They  will taste good on this chilly evening.

BB was just enjoying being here, he is the happiest baby !!!
After they all left we did the chores and then I  iced all my cakes while hubbie made boxes for the orders and helped get things crated up before he took an early bedtime.  I made it to bed about 12:15 !!   Daughter texted me and she was still up baking pies for the orchard.  Haha, I welcomed her to my world !!!    I don't think she likes "my world"  haha !!!!
Grateful to God for today's blessings and for the prosperous growing season that is coming to an end.
God Bless

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