Thursday, October 8, 2015


Up and out to market this morning early. I have only 1 order today for  1 caramel cake so this may be a slow day.
Surprisingly I did better than I thought I would with sales today. A lot of the talk was still about the major flooding in S.C.
The talk also was of the news that Duke Energy has once again changed the power line notification plans. Now they are going back to waiting until November to publish their chosen route for the high powered line they are wanting to build through our county.
They have said they need this line to keep up with the power demand of the area after they are forced to shut down the coal powered plant at Lake Julian in Buncombe county.
So we keep all our plans on hold for another month. (at least) !!
After I left market I went by the consignment sale shop my niece runs and picked up the swing she sat back for me plus a couple other things I found to use with the kids. I also had a nice visit with sis-in-law Sandy.
I made stops at the bank, P.O. and Aldi on my way home. Stopped also at d-in-loves to pick up a movie daughter needs for her class tomorrow.
I unloaded the honda and then headed out to the volleyball game at school just as hubbie came in from work.
Daughter's team won their match against conference foe Franklin. She directs the girls all during the game.

I gave her the movie and some other things I had for her and headed home to eat supper. HUbbie grilled a couple little round steaks for us tonight and we had them with some of the left over greens from last night.
I did chores and worked on catching up my blog tonight.
I saw this pic of daughter warming up the varsity team which also won their game.
As I walked out the front steps this afternoon I saw this guy basking in the warm sunshine. An all black wooly worm in folk lore means a very cold winter. This prediction is the same as all Mother Nature's other signs this year, yikes !!!
Although the first snow average time for our area is December I know as recent as last year that we can get snow as early as the first of November.
As I left the school this evening the clouds were starting to bank up in front of the next rainy front that is due in late tomorrow thru early Saturday. If it does as predicted this will be the third rainy Saturday in a row for this Fall season.
The leaves are starting to slowly get some color in the higher elevations.
Thankful for the blessings of today and for a loving Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Glad you had a better than expected market day. Fall colors are starting to really spring up around here - more and more every day. I heard we might have a warmer than usual winter which would be fine by me, as would less than normal snow. Sorry to hear that Duke Energy is going to keep you in suspense for another month. Have a great weekend and may God bless you.