Monday, October 12, 2015


A cooler 52 degree morning to wake up to today. While I was outside doing the chores I heard hubbie calling to me and he came up with the house phone so I could to talk to the Sears repair people. Once again for the second time they are not keeping their repair appointment this morning. She called to reschedule and I got to tell her , (finally someone that is speaking clear English), that someone who is familiar with these ovens needs to come out hear as the other two guys both admitted they had never worked on one of these. She rescheduled for the 27th, so we will see what happens then.
After we ate breakfast I got laundry started and then peeled three crock pots full of the Hoover apples that have been stored downstairs. Hubbie went outside to start cutting up the large Oak tree that fell a couple months ago down in the pasture.
D-in-love sent this picture of the grandkids on the way to school this morning. Both look ready to meet the day !
I worked on some little inside jobs between 3 loads of laundry until lunchtime. Hubbie came in and we had lunch then decided to groom Bernie and Dolly.  Hubbie had built a new grooming table, a higher table means we can stand up and it should be easier on our backs. It worked great and the dogs seemed to even like it better. Flash is glad that isn't his hair all over the ground !!!!
These two look much better with shorter hair !!!  However they don't look like they agree !!!
My back still hurt after grooming both dogs but not as bad as if I have to sit down at the lower table. I still needed a little while on the heating pad to relax the tightened muscles between my shoulders.
I had planned to go to daughter's volleyball game this evening but didn't make it. They won the games against Hendersonville high. This is a pic from a friend's site of daughter's JV game.
After evening chores I canned my applesauce from the crock pots that have cooked all day.
I had 15 pints and 1 half pint of delicious unsweetened applesauce.

 These apples when really ripe do not need any sugar and that's why I love this type of apple.
I saved the peels and cores and will be making more apple peel jelly tomorrow night plus some caramel-apple jam from a recipe I found on line that looks really good.
As I looked through the news pics today I found this photo of the rock that was visible from my old high school up on the side of Sugarloaf mountain. Each year some of the seniors from each class would scale out on to the rock and write the year number on it.
Some of the numbers are still visible after over 40 years !!!
As you can see the leaves are starting to get some color, especially the reds are really standing out. This is a time table for the leaf peak color in our area but it seems to vary some with the type weather we have each year.
I ended the day out in the patio but the sun had already dropped behind the mountains leaving it's glow along the horizon.
Thanking God for another wonderfully blessed day and hoping that I glorify His name in all that I do each day.
Good Night and God Bless

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linda m said...

What a productive day you had with laundry, grooming, peeling apples and then canning. Praying your back and shoulders feel better today. Blessings