Tuesday, October 6, 2015


It felt good to wake up to a lazy morning, or so I thought !!!  After chores and while I was having my breakfast and devotions the thought hit me about all those rugs and quilts downstairs that needed to go to the laundry out the road.
So instead of my morning walk outside I did my exercising carrying all those things to the Honda.
I drove out to the laundry only to discover that it was packed with people. I walked in to see how much time remained on the big commercial machine I always use and it said 23 minutes. No point in waiting that long so I came home.
I did some housework and had lunch. About 1:00 I headed back out to the laundry, since I had all this stuff in the car I really wanted to get this job done today.
There weren't as many cars in the lot as there was before so I back into the parking space and started carrying all the things inside. The big machine was in use but only had 8 minutes left. By the time I got everything carried inside and three other smaller machines loaded the ladies were emptying the big machine. Perfect timing !!!
I got everything dried except the rubber backed rugs which I brought home and hung on the clothes line. I got home a little before 3:00 so they won't get totally dry before the sun sets today but I will leave them overnight and tomorrow is supposed to be another really sunny warm day.
The sky is filled with "chem trails" today that are dimming the sunshine.
After getting all the rugs hung out I finished the housework for the day and got ready to go to daughter's volleyball game against Tuscola HS .
#2 son came by to return some tools and visited for a little while.
When I got to the game d-in-love was already there with the kids.
Daughter's JV team lost in 3 sets as they defeated themselves with bad passes and weak hits that went into the net.

She encourages her team during a time out.

I stayed and watched the first set of the varsity game but it was a run away for daughter's team so I left and came home before it got dark to feed the animals and round up the newly placed hens to get them into their new sleeping quarters.
I baked cakes tonight to get a jump on tomorrow's work. I baked 6 caramel, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before calling it a day and heading to bath and bed.
I am very tired tonight after my busy day and my back is sore from lifting all the heavy laundry baskets today.
I am very grateful to have a loving God to watch over me each day in all aspects of my life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

It is wonderful how all the members of your family support each other. That is a rarity.

I linked my persimmon post with yours, hope that okay. I surely hope your persimmons are wrong!

linda m said...

Be careful lifting all those heavy rugs. Don't want you putting your back out. These days I have to get hubby to help me with the lifting. Blessings