Friday, October 9, 2015


Up to get another busy Friday started. The sky is filled with clouds again in front of another rainy Saturday.

After chores and breakfast while deciding what my schedule would be today I decided to take time for a nice walk today. These walks have been scarce in the last weeks due to the weather and my busy schedule. As I waked in the lower pasture these Mallard ducks were frolicking in the now filled to the brim farm pond. They looked like they were making up for the time they lost while the pond was dry this summer. These ducks are so perfectly and brightly colored that they don't even look real !!!

As I came up into the yard there was a flutter of activity and a lot of sweet singing in the Mimosa trees as several different kinds of birds were all flitting around. There were several Bluebirds that ere among the branches. These guys never come to my feeders but I see them regularly in the pastures and they nest in the boxes around the barn each spring.

This Grey Crested Flycatcher (my best guess) is probably passing through on his way to more warmer winter venues.

And these, which I originally thought were Goldfinches, but when I saw the pictures up close I have no idea what these birds are called. If anyone out there has any ideas please let me know.

There were Downy Woodpeckers as well as several other kinds of birds that never got in clear enough view for a picture. But all their combined voices sure made a sweet sound that I just had to stop and listen to before I went back inside.
Baking was first on my list and since no orders have came in I'll just go with my list.
I baked 6 caramel, 1 coconut , 1 chocolate ,3 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before lunch.
After lunch I cleaned house. I tried out my new mop from the flea market and it worked great. My only concern was that it was much wetter on the laminate floors than the spray and mop method I have been using.  But the floors looked cleaner than the spray method .

I mopped myself out the front door and took a break out in the cover patio watching traffic go by on this nice cool afternoon.
When hubbie got in from work I put a turkey breast in the pressure cooker and we watched the news while it cooked. We ate it with the rest of the left over garden greens.
After chores I moved some chicks out into the Silkie lot and moved the bigger pullets and roosters of the last hatch into he bigger hen lot.
I know I will have to spend time for a few evenings rounding these new residents up and getting them in their new overnight houses.
I came in and baked a couple more chocolate cakes that came in on a late order this afternoon and then iced all the cakes I baked this morning .
D-in-love and g-daughter came by to make some copies and g-daughter wasn't having a very good day today. Hopefully she doesn't have the tummy ache that EL had overnight.
I got things ready for market and relaxed in a nice hot tub before getting into bed about midnight.
Thankful for all the blessings of this day and praying still for all the folks in SC that have lost everything in the recent floods.
Good night and God Bless

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linda m said...

The pattern on the wings and the color sure look like a goldfinch to me. I have a finch feeder outside and as winter approaches their color turns more brown. Good luck with identifying them.