Saturday, October 17, 2015


Thankfully the temperature didn't get as low as predicted so things got at least one more day. It was 42 degrees this morning when we got up to start getting ready for market.
Market was busy this morning with the isles full of shoppers. I had a good day on this beautiful fall Saturday with bright sunshine and 60 degree temps.
After market I made stops at Aldi to get baking supplies and also at Harris Teeter and Big Lots for some "on sale " deals.
G-son was here when I got home to help unload. His mom and  dad are attending a friends wedding this afternoon.
As I walked around outside I snapped these pics of probably the last blooms of this season if the temps get where they are predicted to go tonight.
I still have some Rose blossoms.
These "clearance shelf" Petunias don't want to give up their beauty just yet.
I love these trailing Geraniums that have brightened my back door all summer and fall.
Still have a few fragrant marigold blooms.
And Sea Rose blooms.
These potted flowers I bought have been beautiful all season also.

This blooming Ivy and Crown of Thorns will continue bloom as they were moved inisde.

A colorful spring, summer and fall are coming to an end ,if not tonight , soon for sure. The dull browns and greys of winter will soon take over the scenery and make us look forward to the first colorful blossoms of a new spring year in a few months.
Daughter and Josh went to the UNC/ Wake Forest football game this evening.

UNC won the game so it was a good night for them.
Hubbie and I made a little house in the garden for three roosters I have that are having a very hard time in the big hen lot with the older rooster that is there. We need them in the garden to scratch out all the grubs and eat them. It was too late tonight for a picture but they all three settled into their new abode nicely.Maybe after a few nights they will go in it by themselves.
I finished my decade pics for the month tonight . I don't want to have picture overload on this post so I will start the series on a later post.
Thankful for another wonderfully blessed day and striving to glorify Christ in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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