Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Up to greet both g-daughters early today. After chores I took RL to pre-school and came home to grab a cereal bar and coffee and get everything loaded for a trip to the laundry.
Hubbie rode to the laundry with me and carried things in then sat in the Honda with IR while I got all the large washers filled and started. I took them home, thankful that the laundry is only 5 minutes from the house and then I went back to finish the laundry and get everything dried except the rubber backed rugs which I took home and hung on the line to dry. I made it home at 11:00.
Thankful for a good drying day today with temps in the low 60's and I worked up a sweat getting things hung out and carried inside. Is this really the end of November ????
Next up was my baking for the day. I baked 6 caramel, 1 coconut, 3 pound and 1 blackberry wine plus a pan of brownies before having a late lunch.
While the last cakes were in the ovens hubbie and I re-arranged the furniture in the living room and put up the Christmas tree. We put it back in this corner again this year so we can fence it off from the kids. No ornaments yet but just the lights are mesmerizing.
As soon as the cakes got done we loaded up a sleeping IR and drove over to Berkley park to get our daily walk in. This old park brings back many memories for us as both our boys played Babe Ruth baseball here through their teen years.

As we walked we talked about things we remembered such as #1 son and a boy named Brandon running together in the outfield both going after a fly ball and hubbie who had a better prospective than me as he usually was one of the coaches remembered a pitcher from another team who had to call time-out when #2 son came up to bat and got sick in a trash can behind the dug-out, when he went back to the mound and threw the first pitch to #2 son he knocked it over the fence for a home run.
It was a nice trip down memory lane.

Not many days at the end of November will we be out here in short sleeved T-shirts.

Our 30 minute walk took us right back to the Honda. IR was still soundly sleeping through the walk and re-loading into the Honda.
I had to stop at Ingles to get some coconut for a special ordered cake and hubbie stayed in the car and let IR continue her nap.
We carried her inside and she still slept until her mom got here and woke her up. This is a day late but this little lady turned 23 weeks old yesterday !!!

Hubbie got bee stung and his hand is really swelling so daughter had to check to see if he had the stinger still in his hand but she didn't think so. He held an ice pack on it for a while and that seemed to help.
After daughter left we got chores done. I found an unsettling thing as one of my big hens had been killed sometime today and half eaten as the predictor tried to drag her under the feed shed in the lot.
She was still limber so she couldn't have been dead long and we can't figure what got into the lot , killed the hen and was small enough to get under the shed but couldn't get the hen all the way under there.
Back inside we had some fresh Kale greens from the garden for supper and I went to my office to get weekly paperwork and bill paying done before it was cake icing time.
I watched Survivor on TV while I did the icing and got things ready for market.
We got things loaded and got into bed about midnight.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and praying that the whooping cough outbreak that is making the rounds in the public school system here can be quickly gotten under control.
God Bless and Good Night

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