Thursday, June 24, 2010


Market was busy today,I got 2 towel tops crocheted between customers. I even had a good sale after market closed. My bank is across the street behind the market and while I was sitting in the drive through my phone rang and it was a lady from SC who has bought cakes before and had just missed me at the market. I looked across the street and was looking at a blue van in the market parking lot,it was her. We had a good laugh and she bought several things and we exchanged prayer request. That is what I love about my business,it has given me the opportunity to meet so many fellow God loving Christian people. This lady is from a place called Central,SC and I'm glad to know that people all the way where ever that is will be praying for my son. She asked for prayers for her son also in different ways.
I ran errands and picked up supplies,came home unloaded the van,fed the chickens and relined their nest, then headed for the hospital. I stopped to pick up some supper for son on the way as he didn't like what they brought him tonight.
The skies looked pretty angry this evening and we did get a shower of rain while I was at the hospital. It put off my watering chores for 1 night anyway.
Son was doing pretty good tonight,he wasn't in as much pain,he said his pain level was about 4-5 on 1-10 scale,his fever was actually low 97 and his blood pressure was a little high at 150/91. He didn't feel like eating much while I was there but I got him grilled cheese so he can snack on it for a while without it going bad.
The thinking of the doctors now is that they will go ahead and do the artery replacement surgery next week before they send him home. He is getting pretty intense physical therapy all over now to get his muscles in his arms and his good leg back in shape. He was sitting up tonight some trying to get over the light headed feeling from laying on his back so long.He is moving his leg all about now but still has a lot of numbness in his foot and muscle weakness. He can't pull his toes back toward him at all. I just pray that he gets most of his use back and is able to walk when this is all over. For me it is still mind boggling to look back at his life of sports,car accidents and the construction jobs he has done and I've watched him with a chain saw cutting huge trees and jumping and dodging out of harms way and to think what 1 little bounce on a trampoline has done to him !!!
God has a reason for all this and as someone said today he shouldn't be at the hospital where he is, I said I've taken him out of the hands of earthly doctors days ago and am satisfied he is where God wants him to be.
I came home as hubbie was getting ready to go for his nightly visit. When he left I went to work at church for a while. Hubbie will go tomorrow and work while I bake cakes in the morning. Our church always goes on a summer mission trip, this year they are making a second trip to Baltimore, Maryland and all the buses,trucks and trailers were loaded and waiting in the parking lot. They leave early in the morning, God bless their travel tomorrow and may the work they do there up lift You and Your mercies.
Hubbie came home at 11:00,said son was getting sleepy and was not nearly in as much pain as he was last night. Maybe he will get a good nights sleep tonight.
So thankful tonight for the many prayers going up on son's behalf. Thankful for a caring,
loving Lord who listens to every prayer.
Good Night and God Bless.


Ardith said...

So glad to hear your son is doing better. I know it has been hard on the whole family. Is the trampoline gone now??? Hope so! Take care and get some rest. God Bless

Claudia said...

I keep thinking how our lives can change in a split second ... how we take good health and our bodies for granted.

Praying for more good news!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad your son's pain is better. I hope that trend continues... Hope they can get that other surgery in next week--so that he can go home.

Glad you had a nice day at the market... That was nice to talk to your South Carolina friend... Prayers do wonders, as you know.

Hope the weekend goes well for you and your family.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Just checking in, I am glad your sons pain is becoming day at a time:)