Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Woke with a headache this morning but it went away soon after I got up. It's probably from my diet lately or better yet lack of a diet,I haven't had any appetite at all since this ordeal began.
After morning chores I iced 12 caramel cakes before going over to the hospital. Daughter took him breakfast this morning and will stay there until I get there,
she doesn't want him to be alone much over there. I wish I didn't have anything else to do so I could spend more time there also,but I have a business to run and after all he is a grown man,way past being babied by mom.
I got a bean burrito from the cafeteria here today and I felt stuffed from eating it all. The possitive thing out of my worry is I've already lost 8 lbs,that's not a bad thing. That only leaves 12 more to get to that 20 lbs the doctor said I needed to loose. But I definitely would not have chosen this method to loose them.
Son has ate his lunch and is sleeping peacefully right now as I write this. He is in much better spirits today because his pain level is down. They now have a mesh sock on his leg.
They came in this morning and took out most of the staples in the knee surgery. The bottom part between the fasciotomy cuts still has the staples because of the pressure of closing those cuts.
The vascular doctor was here when I got here and they have started him on cumodine blood thinner now by mouth.This is as he put it "the granddaddy of blood thinners" and they are hoping this improves circulation through the damaged artery. He talked like they may do the artery surgery before he leaves the hospital. That decision will be made Monday when his main vascular surgeon gets back from this weeks vacation.
It is a relief for me to see him sleeping as he is now,so peacefully !!
I'm planning to stay here about 3 hours and then go home to finish my housecleaning for this week before I work on organizing my ingredient labels and finish icing my cakes.

Daughter is baking now so this is a good way for us to stay out of each others way in the kitchen.
I was able to finally get my floors cleaned when I got home then I started compiling the NCDA required ingredient pages and labels for my cakes. This is just going to add another expense to my products that I can't re-coup right now. I am definitely going to have to get better about placement of the blank sheets in my printer because I wasted about 3 sheets before I got it positioned correctly. My ingredient pages look like ransom notes,haha.Daughter said she would type them all up and make them look professional. Since I need to have them tomorrow and I am not a quick typer,this is what the NCDA lady said to do so this is what they'll get tomorrow if they come through. And yeah that bottom green strip is aluminum off a soda can,haha !!!
Hubbie went to the hospital tonight to sit with son and he called to say he was still doing much better. One nurse could even feel the pulse in his foot with her fingers and that hasn't happened since the accident. Maybe the coumadine is working better than the other stuff or maybe God has stepped in and opened that artery. We'll see Monday when his vascular surgeon gets back.
Hubbie went by a medical loan closet today and they were closed but he looked in the window and said they had everything in there. This closet is through one of the large area churches and you can use their items 3 months for free. They are open again Friday so we are going to pick up a few things I know he'll need.
I finished all my icing and wrapping a little early tonight it is only 11:00. An early bedtime will suit me just fine.
Hubbie isn't home yet but he hasn't been getting home until around this time so I'm not worried.
Thank you Lord so much for the relief son is getting right now and for all the blessings you have given me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Claudia said...

What a joy is to hear (read) good news about him!! Prayers are being said by so many I KNOW for a fact!!
I always read your blog but lately I've been following even closer to read all the updates.
We'll continue to pray for God to heal him and for something positive to come out of all this long hospital stay and post recovery at home.
I'm sure daughter will do a great job with your labels.
Hope you have a great restful evening!!