Sunday, June 6, 2010


Church was nice this morning and I concentrated more today on what the minister was saying because I could relate to it. I want my master to be God ,not sin, that's for sure !!
The skies were blue when we went into church but had clouded up already by the time we came out.
Everyone is so far behind due to all the rainy weather everyone has projects to try to get done today if it doesn't rain.
#1 son and d-in-love have more day lilies to plant to finish their landscaping project,then they need to pick up a trampoline for g-son that a man is giving them. Plus d-in-love has a photo shoot this evening.
#2 son is fencing in his yard so he can get him a dog.
Daughter is her usual busy self with 3 pet sitting projects going on plus working at Fat's this evening.
Hubbie and I are gonna have to break our no Sunday gardening rule and string up our green beans, they already have some long runners on them and with everything we have going on this week I don't see another opportunity in the near future.
Whew !!!!!!! Let me catch my breath !!!!
I fixed mac/cheese and ham casserole, corn,green beans, and wilted lettuce for lunch. Everyone was glad to get a good lunch to fuel the busy day.Our garden is growing very well,we are diligently fighting bugs and weeds this year. There seems to be more pest than in previous years. The large plants on the right are our potatoes,with squash and cucumbers and peppers in the next row followed by tomatoes,okra and dill and then the 2 rows of half runner beans. We started using this erosion control fabric several years ago to string our beans on,it is reusable and much,much easier to put up and works wonderfully.We will soon have blueberries, we are getting a few raspberries now but all the rain has washed the taste out of them.
After we strung our beans hubbie went with #1 son to get the trampoline while d-in-love went to her photo shoot and g-son and I chilled out here this evening.
We spent much of our time outside watching Mr. and Mrs. Wren carrying food to their babies.And now for the cutest bird of all !!!!This is g-son's best interpretation of the bug and worm carrying parent birds !!! I laughed so hard when I looked over and saw his tongue sticking out as he watched them come and go with insects for their babies !!!
We finally got ran inside by a rain shower and that ended everyone's project work for today. G-son went home and hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening.
Thanking God for all my blessings !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Awww... love the tongue hanging out!! *giggle*
Your garden looks wonderful! I've been weeding today, thankfully bugs are not a problem in our garden, (thanks to the chickens...) but we're fighting bunny rabbits, of all things! They won't stay out of my strawberries! Jeez!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh--your garden is coming along so well... Glad you had a good Sunday. That Carolina Wren apparently loves his new home. Hope you have some babies soon.

Cute picture of your Grandson...