Saturday, June 19, 2010


Market was really busy today,there was an antique street fair plus this is Father's day weekend. I sold out early today,then listened to dissapointed customers the rest of the day.I probably could have sold another dozen caramel cakes at least.I stopped at 3 stores on my way home for next week's supplies , and mailed an afghan I sold on e-bay.
I unloaded the van and put away everything then ate a cool wrap from chick-fil-a and it almost made me sick. Then I remembered that the last one I had did the same thing.
I walked over and fed the chickens and brought the eggs back and I felt better.
I got ready and went by Sonic for son's supper. He had a room full of visitors when I arrived,one of his uncles (my brother) and his family,even one of his daughter's boyfriend.
After they left he ate some of his grilled cheese and fries and drank his milkshake. His appetite is better now than it has been since he got here. He is still all grogged out with all the pain meds.
It is a beautiful evening tonight,a few clouds floating around make a picture perfect evening sky.I love the colors in this photo,taken out of the window of son's hospital room.
Daughter and d-in-love brought g-son by for a few minutes on their way to eat pizza. He is kind of scared of seeing his dada in the bed and was looking at all the tubes hooked to his dada with fear in his eyes,poor little guy just wants his dada home.At least his fear doesn't upset his dad as much as it did at first.
Son is getting well enough now to probably spend some time alone. He is sleeping more deeply when he does sleep.His leg is getting near normal size but he is still having a lot of pain from the work they did yesterday.

This has been an experience I hope doesn't come into our family very often. We are all worn out after a week and a half of constantly being stressed by helplessly having to watch the pain and discomfort son is going through. For me it feels like more mental fatique than physical,but I haven't been sleeping enough and that always really causes my Lukopenia to rear it's ugly head,making me feel so tired and draggy. I'm sitting here now yawning like I haven't slept in a week ,when actually I've been getting the same sleep time as always.

My yard smells so good with all the mimosa trees in full bloom. I sat out in the sunroom for a little while last night trying to wind down from the very stressful time at the hospital yesterday and it looked like pink clouds in the tree tops and had the most wonderful fragrance.

Hopefully by this time next week I will have some company in the sunroom.
Hubbie's brother and his wife came by to visit tonight and after getting roused up son started having a lot of pain. Daughter came in and as I was leaving they were bringing him some more meds. Bless his heart. At least he is eating some food with all this medicine.
On my drive home I could see lightning in the distance,it looked like a bad storm,but it was quite a ways off.
I came home,returned a phone call and am planning on an early bedtime,I'm pooped !!!
Thanking God for the comfort He gave son today and the blessings he gave me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I love Mimosa trees, Marilyn... I grew up with one or two in our yard. Mama always hated them since they are so invasive.. BUT--this time of year, they are so pretty.

Glad you had a great day at the market....

Read the previous post about your son's 4th surgery. I hope and pray that that is all that he has to have. I know that the pain has to be horrible. Bless his heart.

Are you bringing him to your house when he can come home? I know he will need alot of care for awhile.

Hope you have a great Father's Day.