Tuesday, June 15, 2010


G-son and I woke about the same time this morning.He ate a big breakfast and settled in for the morning.I feel better this morning as word comes that son is better. Last night when hubbie and daughter returned about 12:30 they said he had settled down and was resting.The plans for today were to go back into OR to trim the fasciotomy cuts and redress that but that changed after the vascular surgeon got there. Now they are going to put a wound pump on the fasciotomy cuts to speed the healing process. This is vacccuming all the drainage from the cuts. One side has already almost stopped draining but the other side is draining continuously. The tubing has to be watched closely to make sure it doesn't start pumping red blood because he is on blood thinners now to prevent clots.The middle cut is the actual surgery cut,that and the small cut on the side of the knee. Son said he wanted that trampoline gone and was going to save these pictures and show them to g-son when he wanted to get on a trampoline again.

Back to my morning , with the help of g-son I did 2 loads of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms before d-in-love came by to pick him up.
I came to the hospital to relieve hubbie,it was raining cats and dogs when I got here.
It did my heart good to see him in the spirit he is in today. He was working with the physical therapy people now and is not in near the pain that he has been. A nurse came in and shaved him and he is sleeping peacefully now.
The main knee doctor who did the knee surgery came in and talked me through the entire ordeal and how they found the damaged artery yesterday and why they are thinning his blood,that is why his foot looks better today. He said this is a very fine line with this vaccum because it could start everything back to bleeding again and delay the healing. We're just not even going there !
D-in-love brought g-son in to see his dad for a while tonight. When he whined at one time about something son said I even miss hearing him whine. It reminded me of a song by Trace Atkins called "You're Gonna Miss That". I've got to figure out how to send songs to my blog but it's to late tonight for that.
After they left daughter came in to stay the night with son,he wants someone there now as one of the nurses came in and said he really should be in ICU to be watched continuously. But it seemed she was the only one who felt that way. He wasn't in much pain at all tonight so that's a good thing.
I left and came home to bake cakes,it is 12:20 am and the last ones are in the oven. I am going to relieve daughter in the morning and spend most of the day at the hospital until d-in-love gets off work.
I believe prayers have made a difference in son's condition we just have to be vigilant throughout this healing process. He said tonight that God definitely had his attention !
Thankful tonight for answered prayers,I know God is listening and it is comforting to know he is always with us.
Good Night and God Bless.

Hubbie went home for a much needed break,he has been here since early this morning. This kind of sress really makes your age show. I can tell my lukopinia has reared its ugly head again because I sweat continuously and feel like all I want to do is sleep.


Far Side of Fifty said...

He is improving that is a good thing..one day at a time. Your son is going to have a long recovery.

Our kids got rid of their trampoline when our Grandson broke his elbow in a freak fall on the trampoline, it had a net and everything and his Dad was on the trampoline with him. He was lucky and only had to be in a cast for six weeks.
Stay strong, catch an extra nap, you need it! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Not able to sleep--knee/leg is hurting too bad in the bed; Going to doctor tomorrow..

Glad your son is doing better. Sounds like the doctors really know what they are doing. Like I've said, he is young so he will recover quickly I'm sure.

Did you get your money back for the house at Cherry Grove? Hope so.

I know this is stressful on all of you... My prayers are with you and your family.

NCmountainwoman said...

What an ordeal for everyone. I'm still thinking positive thoughts for you and the entire family. In the midst of taking care of everyone, don't forget to take some time out for yourself.