Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm just now getting to write today's( actually yesterday's) post because the power just came back on at our house.

Hubbie came in from the hospital when daughter relieved him early and he helped me load my van for market. He said son had another tough night,little sleep and a lot of pain and discomfort.
He went to bed to sleep some as he is going back to stay overnight again tonight.
I had a slow market day and if it hadn't been for a meeting with the NC Dept of Agriculture after market I would have left early.
This was the meeting I talked about in an earlier post that was to let everyone know how to get into compliance with the food selling rules of the state. Since I have already been inspected years ago,my only question was about labeling. The inspector there is going to find out if I can use a generic label since I only sell certain kinds of cake.
According to the rules now there would need to be so much information on each cake you would have a hard time seeing the cake trough all the labels. As it states all ingredients need to be listed along with weight,my name and address and name of product. And ingredients doesn't mean you can just say flour,it needs to be what is in the flour. Have you ever looked at the label on things such as flour,there is a long list of things in these products. The part that is circled in blue would need to go on each cake for just this 1 ingredient. They are supposed to get back with me and said just keep doing what I'm doing until then,maybe she'll lose my question !!!
I left after an hour and the meeting was still going on,they also made several people take certain things off their tables that you cannot make in home kitchens to sell.
I ran a few necessary errands and hurried home to unload and head for the hospital. I relieved d-in-love and stayed until her dad relieved me about 8:00. I feel better today looking at son, his color is better, fever is down,blood pressure is down a little,all improvements over yesterday. They started him on a new kind of blood thinner which is a shot in the stomach every 12 hours,the nurse showed d-in-love and son how to give the shot as he will have to have it when he comes home until he has the artery surgery.
His surgery tomorrow to partially close the fasciotomy cuts on his leg is scheduled for 10:30 in the morning.
He had several visitors tonight and he loves to talk so he was in high spirits when I left.
Hubbie and I went to church to work tonight and when we came home the power was out just at our house. Our transformer is in the edge of the woods and birds and animals have several times in the past touch the wires and caused the fuse to blow.
I called and reported it and hubbie left to go by #2 son's house to get a quick shower before heading to the hospital. I decided just to go to bed in the dark I am so tired.
I hadn't been laying there but just a few minutes when I heard the power truck coming up the drive so I got up and showed him the transformer and he agreed an animal or a limb had indeed blew the fuse. He took a long pole and replaced the fuse from the ground in just a few minutes I was back in the light and the cool. I was very thankful he came as fast as he did.
Excitement is over for this day I hope.
Thank You Lord for your blessings today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Patty H. said...

I have been reading about your sons accident and his stay in the hospital. Whew! Praying for him.
Patty H.

NCmountainwoman said...

So glad your son is stable and improving. What an ordeal he has had and still has ahead.

Jeez! Can't the government exempt such places as these markets? I cannot imagine how the small business can comply...and don't we want to encourage the small businesses?