Monday, June 28, 2010


G-son got here early this morning,but we did lay in bad and doze while watching cartoons until after 8:00 thankfully. I am not an early morning person anymore 8 am is plenty early enough for me. When we used to bottle feed a bunch of calves I was always up at 7 or before but in these later years I've got used to a more relaxed morning.
When we got up and had breakfast we went outside to do some watering and refilled all the bird feeders.
We looked over the garden for ripe produce but with the dry weather pickens were slim today.
Although it has grown a lot since the first of the month.The half runner green beans have almost covered the trellises and the squash and tomato plants have filled in the rows. So the good Lord has provided sufficient moisture for fresh yellow squash and cucumbers as well as red potatoes,so we are very thankful.
It's hard to believe the lower pictures were taken only 4 weeks ago.
Below is my new unfinished chicken lot, still waiting for the house to get moved into it so we can finish connecting the fence.The house is too big to fit through the gate so we left one side of the fence down.After our morning outside chores ,we had lunch and then headed over to the hospital.
Son kept a 102.5 fever most of the night and into this morning,his oxygen level dropped and there is some speculation that he has a touch of pneumonia in one of his lungs. He has a new lady doctor who is starting 3 new antibiotics and a different IV solution.
Pray that this is the mystery illness and that she proves everyone else wrong. All the nurses think he has an infection somewhere,but they can't figure out why his white cell count isn't high if this is the case.
G-son got a treat while we were there because this is the first day for a wheelchair ride and g-son got to help push his dada around the halls.We found a big window with sunshine coming in and he wanted to sit in it for awhile. He is an outside man and being couped up inside is not helping matters. Maybe tomorrow he can make a trip outside in the wheelchair. He stayed in the chair more than 30 minutes today,that was a big victory.
G-son went back to his dad's room and promptly layed down in the recliner and went to sleep so while physical therapy was getting ready to put his leg in the movement machine I carried g-son to the van and we came home.
He took a long well deserved nap. Hubbie came home from work and he also took a nap.
I did evening chores and fixed g-son a pizza for supper.
Hubbie is headed over to the hospital to help move son to a new room with more room for his therapy. He hasn't eaten anything today and became very emotional when he realized his fever was up again. But at 10:00 it was 101.9 and at 11:00 it had dropped to 99. This is another large victory,if this trend continues through the night.
Praying that they figure out his problems and let him come home for a few days anyway.At this point he just wants out of there.
Thanking God for these small victories today and praying for even more tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---like you said, you all can be thankful for 'baby steps'.... At least son was up and could get a bit of sunshine. There's just nothing worse than a hospital when it comes to being cooped up. Hope you can get him outside tomorrow.

Hope they can find--once and for all--what is causing his fever.... Goodness--seems like they could get that straightened out... Maybe the new lady doctor will help.

Keep me posted.
Hugs and Prayers,

Claudia said...

I could just cry after seeing the look on his face on this picture ... All I can say is that we keep praying for all this to be over and for God's glory to be shown in all this!!

Love and prayers to him, D-in-love, G-son, you and all your family!!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Praying for you my friend and for your sweet family.
Your sister in Christ,

Gail said...

You are still in my thoughts and prayers.

Word verification: reste, as in get some rest.