Monday, June 21, 2010


Woke before g-son this morning for a change,usually I am surprised by his face 2" from mine saying" good morning Nena,the sun is shining".
He slept for a while after I got up today. I got all my Avon orders in the car and was ready to go by the time he got up.
After he had his waffle and chocolate milk breakfast we headed out. I told him he was the Avon man today and we had fun all around my route watching for horses,tractors,flowers,etc. by the roadside.
We finished my route just in time to head over to the hospital to meet daughter for lunch in son's room.
When we got there they were trying to get another IV started. Most of the veins in his right arm are getting exhausted. The 2nd nurse finally got it started and got his pain meds back on track.
His pain level concerns me greatly,after this long I would have expected it to be lower by now.
They are going to do the final closing of the fasciotomy at noon tomorrow.I pray to God that this relieves the pain.G-son and I stayed for about 3 hours and he sat beside his dada and repeatedly told him he loved him and that he was the best dad in the world. This was good medicine for his dad I know.
When his dad got really sleepy we left to let him get some rest.
We headed for the pool at sis-in-laws house with his aunt T (daughter) and uncle D (#2 son).His friend Walker was there waiting for him,these 2 would have fun anywhere.This looks like a bull session to me!!!!When you need a little help aunt T is always good to call, especially when it's uncle D that you're trying to squirt with water.Serious bull session ?????
He did not want to get out of that pool but hunger finally got the best of him and we headed home for supper. I didn't have to coax him to eat tonight, that's for sure.
Pawpaw was home form work and he had a little shadow as he fed the animals tonight and picked in the garden. I fed my chickens on my own this evening and they were disappointed they didn't get to escape their pen again tonight.
Hubbie headed over to the hospital at 8 and while he was gone I did some house cleaning. Tomorrow I'll be at the hospital from 11:30-3:00 so that won't leave much cleaning and laundry time,so I got a head start tonight.
Praying for tomorrow's surgery to go well and for God's healing hand.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Carolyn, GEE---that pool looks so refreshing-on a hot summer day... Looks like everyone had a good time...

I hope your son is pain-free soon. I can only imagine the pain he is going through...

Prayers and Hugs,

NCmountainwoman said...

The type of injury he sustained results in a very long period of severe pain...much longer than a hip replacement or knee replacement. I know you are concerned that he's still hurting, but it doesn't necessarily mean his injury isn't healing. He will likely need the narcotics for several weeks.

Hope the surgery went well. We're still praying for all of you.