Tuesday, June 1, 2010


June 1st,2010, wow how this year has flown by.
Some reflections over the year from last June 2009 photo file.Unfortunately 5 generations no longer exist. Papa JB died this past February,it was good we got this picture when we did,he sure didn't look this good long.G-son is riding on another gentleman who is no longer in our lives this June. Not because of death,but because he abruptly choose a life without daughter.And now for the happy differences. G-son must have had a positive effect on this couple,who are my niece and her husband because they just announced they are expecting their first baby in October!!!! Our whole family was shocked by this announcement because no one expected them to ever have children,they have been married for almost 14 years.This happy couple are my nephew and his bride. They are on their way back from Jamaica where they were married,we will be celebrating with them on Saturday.
God took away1 member of our family and gave us 2 !! He works like that !!!
This can't be housework Tuesday again already !!!!
Since I got to skip a lot of the work last week because I had a visitor,today's load is greater.
I still took time to lift my weights, I can feel and see a difference this is making so it makes it easy to find time to to it.
I did a load of towels first so I could get them hung on the line,hopefully to dry before the rain gets here.
I grabbed a salad for lunch and kept on going. I sure could tell the floors got skipped last week and since this is the first week in the month all the covers and rugs had to be changed and washed.
By working feverishly I got everything done but mopping the kitchen floor before daughter picked me up to go with her to the Dermatologist to have the stitches taken out of her arm. She was afraid she might faint again,but she didn't and he said everything looked fine.
We made stops at the drug store and Lowes on the way home.
Hubbie was mowing the wet grass when I got here,it had just came a short shower,just enough to wet the grass then the sun came back out. I got my weedeater out and trimmed around the yard.
We had a late supper and I was hungry,since I had only a salad for lunch.
After supper I finished the laundry and started baking layers for my cakes. It is midnight and I am waiting for the last ones to come out of the oven.
I didn't sleep well last night so I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight.
Thanking the Lord tonight for all the blessings He has given me and for always being there for me in the good and the bad times over this past year.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting how life changes from one year to the next. Sorry about your daughter's fellow--leaving her. Were they married? How sad!

You stay so busy and get so much done in a day --that it makes me tired. I just don't have that much energy anymore... Oh Well!!!!

Great pictures...i like the generation one.. Be sure and mark the names on the back of that picture for future generations to have.

Have a good day tomorrow ---and quit working so hard. Life is too short!!!! ha