Monday, June 14, 2010


Woke up this morning by cars coming in and out,didn't get up to see who they were for fear of waking g-son. Finally just as I dozed back off, I felt g-son stirring around and then he yelled wake up Nena it's morning,the sun is shining.
So up we got ,we had breakfast,he had cinnamon waffles and I had cereal with fresh raspberries on it. Yesterday hubbie picked blueberries and I picked some fresh raspberries.
We don't have a lot of either and try to get them before the birds do.I bought some netting for the blueberries but we haven't gotten it on them yet. The birds for some reason don't seem to be zeroing in on them as they did last year.
I sent an Avon order off and then g-son and I got ready to go see his dad in the hospital. He has been to the bathroom 3 times this morning ,but so have I and my stomach doesn't feel good at all right now. I think both he and I are letting our nerves get the upper hand. Maybe a trip to see him will make things better.At first ge didn't know what to think and kept asking "are you okay da-da?"But after climbing up and getting a big bear hug from da-da he was back to his old investigative self again.Do you think I could swing on that triangle up there? What's that for da-da? Can you pull on that and pick yourself up? etc., etc,.
Sorry about the blurr but the lighting was not the best and I didn't get time to change camera settings.
We stayed for a while,the physical therapist came and he worked on getting son's foot to straighten. It wasn't too bad painful. When they brought him lunch g-son and I said our good-byes and left hubbie there for the rest of the afternoon. G-son seemed to have a happier disposition on the way out,I know he has been wondering where his da-da is and all the hospital talk he was hearing didn't mean anything to him,now maybe he can better understand,I hope so.
We came home and had lunch of yesterday's leftovers. While he played with his turtle power turtles I made some peach freezer jam. I bought these peaches in SC last week and have had them spread out ripening in the sunroom. Only a couple have had to be thrown away and after I made a large peach cobbler yesterday there are still plenty left that are ripe now. I had fruit certo left from last year and decided now would be a great jam making time. Last winter a friend gave me a couple jars of freezer jam and g-son loved it so I said then I would make some,but I didn't think peach would be the first I made. These are an early cling stone peach but they have a wonderful flavor and when the lady said they were $6 for a 1/2 bushel,well you know me and a bargain.
So we now have 10 jars of peach freezer jam and I still had enough peaches for another batch but not enough certo.
G-son and I went outside to play for a short while but with the 90 degree day we didn't stay long.He had left his sand box open last night and everything he touched to play with was pretty hot.
I don't care what the calender says ,it is already summer!!

More bad news from the hospital, the CT scan they ran this afternoon on his leg showed a blood clot behind his knee and they took him in to immediately try to dislodge that. It is almost 4:30 ,I'm thanking God for doctors who are ever searching to make sure these things get resolved. The clot is in the artery going to his foot so hopefully there is no danger of it getting to his heart. Hubbie called after talking to the doctor and said they would try under a local anesthesia to dislodge the clot and repair any damage with a stint. If that didn't work they would have to put him all the way under again even though he has drank and eaten today to repair the artery. I have never prayed so hard in my lifetime. I'm no longer concerned with just his foot, at this point I pray that he just makes it through this surgery and lives.
The bad news is really stacking up. This procedure showed the doctor it wasn't a blood clot,but rather a damaged main artery,actually damaged in the original break when the leg came forward. He decided not to do anymore today or hopefully until they can close the fasciotomy cuts. He will monitor the pulse closely and make decisions day by day.
Son was not happy at all with this news and they wound up knocking him out to calm him down. D-in-love is with him and that's good as he told me this morning he feels better with her there,so tonight is crucial and I'm glad she's able to be there.
G-son konked out early after a very active afternoon so she's not missing anything here.
Daughter and hubbie are back over there now with some things she needed to spend the night.
Hopefully things have calmed down a bit. I've spent the time since they have been gone talking to the Greatest Physician of all on son's behalf. I know personally what miracles God can do in times like these and I hope it's in His plans for son to get through this and be a better man for it. Hubbie said that our minister was there as he went into this surgery and prayed with son and ask the Lord to give son a different perspective in his life. Maybe that is what this is all about, I have to believe God is definitely trying to get son's attention.
Please pray for all our family as we are all looking at very trying times ahead and the only way we are going to get through this is with the almighty God's help.
Will post tomorrow what news comes back with daughter and hubbie tonight. It is 11:15 and they are not back.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Marilyn, I am so sorry.... Your son is a strong young man--and I'm sure things will all work out. Just be patient and turn your worries over to God. I will continue to pray hard and long for him --and for you and your family. I know he is discouraged. Bless his heart...

Glad the grandson is doing okay... That was a cute picture of him getting a big bear hug from his Daddy.


Traci @ The Bakery said...

{{{HUGS}}} I finally got to read the whole leg! I will certainly be praying for the entire family. From you posts, I feel he is not depending on God. God will work during may be a long road, but he will work. You just keep your eyes open and watch!! I pray for peace as well. Have a blessed day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Still thinking of you and praying for the best! :)