Saturday, June 12, 2010


Off to market this morning with the help of #2 son. Hubbie left for the hospital before 7, he called to say #1 son had a rough night and the doctor was talking about doing more surgery. Because of all the intense swelling he may need to go in and cut both sides of his lower leg. Leaving it open and that will open him up to more infection chances and require an extended hospital stay. Doc said the amount of pain meds in #1 son's body would kill most people. We are praying that these cuts won't be necessary.#2 son followed me to market and helped me get set up before he went to Lowes to get the finishing things for his fence.
I had a good market day and have an order for almost everything I have left for Monday.Daughter came in and brought lunch and helped the rest of the day.
I gave her my list of supplies for next week,her and d-in-love are going shopping this afternoon.
After unloading the van at home I headed to the hospital while hubbie mowed grass. It is another very warm day but not quite as humid as yesterday.

I had an electric grill advertised on Craigslist and the people that called about it met me at the hospital and bought it. It was a good deal for them ,we only used it once and then it was just taking up space so I decided to sell it.
I also got in touch with the realty company that we rented our vacation house from and told them what had happened to see what my options are,because there is no way we are going to get to go to the beach next week. Son will need our help when he gets home and he won't be able to go for a 5+ hour car ride. The guy there was very understanding and immediately put the house back up for rent,saying if it rents they will send me a full refund. And if it doesn't for me to call back Thursday afternoon to discuss some other options. Maybe we can switch for a week later in the season.
I think #1 son's foot and leg look better tonight than they did last night,the swelling looks to be subsiding to me. He has kept ice packs on it all day today.When he got hungry,the nurse,who is another sweetie pie, called the doctor and he said go ahead and let him eat. That is very good news ,that means no more surgery,at least for 12 hours and hopefully forever. He has an x-ray of the screws and plate in his leg, this is his new bionic leg !!No wonder he has had so much pain and seeing these pictures of what actually is in there would make it hurt even worse if it were mine.
Modern medicine is totally amazing to me,how they can actually screw your bones back together and your body accepts all this foreign material and acts as if nothing has happened,hopefully !!!
I spent a lot of my 6 hour plus visit rubbing his foot, he said that made it feel a lot better and I'm sure it helped the circulation.By the time I left I could even feel the pulse in that foot.Day 2 watching the sunset over the hospital.Skies are clearer this evening than yesterday. And the clouds are leaving from inside his hospital room also as his mood and pain seem to be improving with every hour. Thank you Jesus !!
D-in-love brought him a chicken sandwich dinner tonight and is going to spend the night.Hopefully this will be the last night he will need someone there and will be able to sleep through the night.
I know I'll be able to sleep better tonight after seeing him as he was this evening.
Back home I'm headed for an early bedtime to make up for the sleeplessness of the last couple nights.
Very thankful tonight for the answered prayers for son's improvement. God is so good !!!
Good Night and God bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

My prayers are with you and your family --especially your son. I hope that he doesn't have to have more surgery. I hope the swelling goes down quickly and that he will heal fast... I know you have been worried...

God Bless You, Marilyn... Sleep good tonight.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope everything calms and your family are in my prayers. Sometimes these freak injuries are the worst to deal with. One day at a time:)