Friday, June 18, 2010


Day began with morning chores,I was getting ready to walk over to feed the chickens that d-in-love gave me but I haven't got moved over to my house yet, when hubbie came in from the hospital. He said son had the best night yet and both of them slept most of the night. That is good news, he got at least one good night before surgery this morning.
Daughter called and said she was with him and the doctor before he went in and the doctor was optimistic about how much he would be able to do today.
It will be about an hour and a half surgery.

I baked cakes all morning,then iced 6 caramels before getting ready to come to the hospital and relieve daughter.

Hubbie went to work at church and had to stay until the Terminex man finished spraying.
He came in the door as I went out.
Well it didn't turn out as good as the doc thought it might but it's still better than what they thought yesterday. He got one side completely finished,the side with the white bandage has some sort of pulleys to screw tighter each day,by Tuesday it will be completely healed together. However the side that still has the tube coming out of it,they only got partially closed and it will have to be finished Tuesday. So the day counts as a surprise blessing because we have 1 done instead of both only partials. Thank you God.
Daughter didn't want to leave until they brought him back to his room. So we waited for almost 2 hours past when he should have been here. She went to the desk and the doctor happened to be there. He said they lost the pulse in his foot but he went down there and he found it and they were bringing him up. A couple men from church were here when they brought him in and that helped him get awake.
Daughter left when they got him settled down a bit and things seemed to be okay for a short while. Then he started to have cramps in the calf of that leg and they were excruciatingly painful. At first they were constent but after about an hour the pain,nerve and muscle cramp relieving meds started to work and he is finally peacefully sleeping. I've never seen any of my kids in that much pain and it was not a pleasant thing to go through but we worked through it.
I feel like someone has just reached inside me and twisted my insides. I pray he can rest away some of the intense pain. While we were fighting it I told him to call on God because He would help him,I think he did!
There are so many tubes in him and monitors peeping it is almost unbelievable. As good as he was yesterday,he is bad today, so continues the roller coaster ride.
It has been a really nice sunny not so hot and humid day today.Son misses being outside, he wanted the curtains open so he at least could see the sunshine.
Hubbie came about 7 so I could come home,
I grabbed a bite to eat,
then headed to church to finish what he didn't get done this morning. Then I iced cakes,wrapped and got things ready for market. Got a call from the NCDA telling me that I can have the generic labels.
Also got a call from the vacation rental place at the beach,they changed our week to mid September. I'm glad that all worked out.
D-in-love text me that son ate a whole sub sandwich and piece of pie tonight. That will make him feel better to have something with all that medicine in him. God please bless him during the night with comfortable sleep.
Thanking God for the blessings of today,I can't wait to see His plan for tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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