Sunday, June 27, 2010


About 2 am this morning they had the results of all the test they hurriedly did on son and the results were all the same. No urinary infection, no blood infection,no wound infection,only finding was some collapsed small airways in one of his lungs.Which he now is taking treatments to correct,the medicine in this pipe works intensely to open those airways.He is doing this 4 times a day along with his other breathing exercises. This is a result of extended hospitalization.
His fever finally broke a few hours later and he said when he woke this morning his bedsheets were still wet with sweat.
Today was a restful day for him, the doctors suspended physical therapy,they put him on NPO,which means he couldn't eat anything all day,just water to drink so they could do an ultrasound and some other scan of his colon and intestines.
I took him supper at 6:00 as he thought the test would be over shortly after that and he could eat. They had already done the ultrasound at about 4:30.
At almost 7:30 the nurse finally came in and was able to find out there wasn't going to be any other scan tonight and told him he could eat his supper.
As for my day hubbie and I had nursery duty at church this morning. I went early to help hubbie with he and daughter's Sunday School Class but he only had 1 little girl.
There was only 1 baby in nursery so the other couple said for us to go home they could handle it.As we started up our drive we were greeted by this guy,he was stretched across the drive and even when I tried to coax him from behind by kicking gravel on his tail he didn't budge. Hubbie finally found a stick to move him along with,these black snakes are helpful rodent controllers and this one did happen to be crawling away from the house and I did see him first without any surprise so he got to live another day.
We fixed lunch,#2 son came and after we ate he helped hubbie and I move the camper cover for our truck to a new spot because the old spot is now a chicken lot.
Hubbie and I designed the lot and put back up the chicken lot wire from an old lot.
We got most of it finished except moving the hen house to its new location.
I came home from the hospital about 8:30 tonight,leaving hubbie there to hopefully leave around 10 pm. Son is sure better tonight than he was last night. He said last night was a blur to him,he remembered me being there and the things we talked about but didn't remember his sister stopping by or his dad coming. He didn't remember his dad being there until his fever came down some. That really scared him last night and renewed the seriousness of his situation to him.This is the view from his hospital room this evening. We thought at the farm we were going to get a storm this afternoon but as our wilted garden sweltered in the heat no rain relief came.

Bad news just came from hubbie at the hospital son's fever is climbing again tonight. His heart rate is 140 ,they are getting ready to put him on a heart monitor. His fever is 102.5 but has continued to climb even with Tylenol and ice packs. I was there when they took his temp at 8:00 and it was 98.6,blood pressure was 135/85,all was well,what could cause things to go haywire as nighttime progresses?????
Praying for the same results as last night,praying that God guide the doctors in finding out the cause of these spikes at night.
It is midnight and hubbie is still there and won't leave until the fever breaks,he just called and said they are taking son for more test and a CT scan.
Praying for God's intervention again tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh ---I was happy until I read your last paragraph... I hope they find out what is causing the fever... Glad he doesn't have any infections though--at least, they haven't found any... Please keep me posted. I stayed up just to read your post tonight.

Hugs and Prayers,

Gail said...

Prayers coming your way.

Patty H. said...

continuing to pray for your son.
Patty H

Far Side of Fifty said...

He just cannot seem to catch a break..I hope the Doctors get a handle on it soon! sending more prayers your way..stay strong:)