Friday, June 4, 2010


Ahhh!!! At least I don't have to be anywhere early this morning. I did my weight lifting and then hung a load of sheets out to dry,hopefully before it rains. Then it was on to baking cakes and icing caramel cakes before lunch. As the skies darken outside I made a run to gather the sheets before they got wet. They only got a few sprinkles before I got them in. Then it stopped raining and the sun came in and out for the most of the afternoon.
I bagged my Avon orders and finished work at church. And yeah the lights are fixed !!!
When we got back home it came another shower of rain and it at least cooled things off a bit.
We are having July/August temperatures in June so makes me wonder what those months will bring??!!
After icing cakes and labeling and wrapping everything we loaded some of it in the van already so we can get an early start tomorrow as it is Old Timey Day at market. Here are some photos of past old timey days.Here is hubbie (in the cap) with Stanley Staton (who unfortunately passed away last summer), they are cooking ham and sausage on the old wood cook stoves.These huge frying pans full of country ham and sausage in hot homemade biscuits usually draws a big crowd.The Market sells these biscuits to make money to pay bills .Music is always a big part of the fun on this day. This man is a one man band and his music is always good.Everyone enjoys the entertainment and some folks even provide some entertainment.
This happy couple looks as if they are just enjoying the moment.
Hopefully tomorrow will be another memorable Old Timey Day.
Thanking God for His graciousness tonight.
Good Night and god bless.

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