Tuesday, June 29, 2010


G-son spent the night with us last night and even slept in a little after I got up this morning.
I spent the morning playing "shark" with him between laundry loads and house cleaning.
Son's fever spiked back up last night to 103 and pretty much has stayed there through the morning. Daughter is there with him and hubbie has been in and out a couple times this morning.
His orthopedic surgeon has him scheduled for surgery to close the fasciotomy and check his knee for infection at 4:00 this afternoon.
Daughter said his emotions are up and down again today,but it's to be expected when he knows something's wrong and no one seems to have any answers. It is very frustrating to even those of us who aren't immobilized in a hospital bed!
The new guess from the doctors today is antibiotic fever. This happens when you are on a combination of drugs for an extended length of time. This would be the best case scenario and I pray that this is what is causing the fever and fast heart rate. The doctor believes this is it because of the up and downs of his fever. When he went into surgery today his fever was 98.6, tonight at 11:00 it is 103.
I am still very nervous about sepsis ,and the symptoms are very similar to antibiotic fever. I have been praying for days that this is not it,and the doctor assured me after surgery tonight if indeed this is it he will transport son immediately to the infectious disease unit at Mission Hospital in nearby Asheville.
They will know tomorrow if the cultures he took out of his leg are okay. If they are ,he will be taken off all meds and sent home in the next day or two. My prayers are for this scenario to be God's will for my son.
Daughter said the preacher that married son came by today at the request of our minister who is out of town on a mission trip and his talk did son a world of good because he helped him put things into perspective. He hopefully made him see that this is part of God's plan for him and he didn't do anything to deserve this but must look to get closer to God during this trying time.God has a reason for things like this as well as all the good things that happen.On a light side "you know you're a redneck" if while waiting for son to come back out of surgery you notice that the hospital you're in still has their Christmas lights up and it's almost July 4th !!It doesn't get any easier to look at son when he just comes out of surgery even if it is the 5th time. They successfully closed both fasciotomy cuts and re-opened a nasty looking place on his knee closing to check it out and get a culture. The doctor said it all looks really good to him and he doesn't expect any problems. I just can't shake this uneasy feeling I have about all this. It started last week and my intuitions have been screaming that somethings not as it seems with all this. I am usually a very positive person but I do pay close attention to my intuitions and something just plain stinks right now. I pray that this is one time I will be wrong,not that it would be the only time I've been wrong but it would probably be the best time ever to be wrong.Another patient ?????
No just daughter,who has spent the entire day with son and now is trying to sleep off a headache before she leaves. I hope son remembers her dedication to him for a long time.
I came home did my evening chores and started baking cakes,I have a lot to bake tonight because I never know what tomorrow will bring and I may not get another chance to bake.
Hubbie went to the hospital to spend the night with son tonight,someone always tries to stay the night after he has surgery. Hopefully they will both sleep soundly tonight. If he gets some sleep hubbie is going to go to work late in the morning,we'll see.
Hubbie called to say his vascular surgeon had just came by and I ask if son told him about the soreness and painful lump in his groin where they went in to try to dislodge the clot. They had both forgotten about that but hubbie was able to catch him and he came back and checked it out and said he didn't know why it was so tender in that spot. Maybe they will make an effort to find out why. DUH !!!!
I think I will sleep soundly tonight also,I'm so ready to have my insides settled back down.
Praying for an end to this hospital stay for son to come soon. Asking for God's intervention into his emotional state right now and the peace that God's love can give.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

You know when he gets back on his feet, he is gonna whip you for all these pictures...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Gosh---I hope this nightmare will be over soon for your son --and for all of you... I pray that he starts improving --and that nothing else is wrong.

Please keep us posted.