Friday, June 25, 2010


Well we all hopped back on the roller coaster today for a dive run.
Daughter called from the hospital to say son wasn't doing well at all with the physical therapy today. He sat on the side of the bed for about 9 minutes before becoming very ill.
His foot turned blue and he had severe pain in his shin bone,that is where the screws and plate is. After the therapy he was having a hard time bringing his pain level back to manageable.
I was in the middle of baking cakes and hubbie was working at church when she first called.
When hubbie got home around lunch she called again and said she didn't want to leave with him in so much pain so hubbie went over to see what he could do. G-son was here today so I stayed with him until daughter came home. She took him with her to get her things from the house she has been dog sitting at all week.
After I finished baking and icing I headed into town to check out the medical loan closet and make a trip to Sam's Club.
I was impressed with the loan closet,they had everything you could think of. I was just going to wait to get anything because they had lots of each item,but the man said if son comes home next week ,since they are only open on Tuesday's and Friday's and would be closed next Friday for the 4th of July, I went ahead and got a couple things I know we'll need. There is no cost and you can keep them for 3 months.Somehow this seems so strange and seems like it should be the opposite,the kids should be picking things like this up for me not me for them!!
I just pray that he gets home before long and is able to use these.
I stopped by Sam's Club for some much needed supplies and while I was there it started storming. When I came out the lightening was scary streaking to the ground just across the parking lot and me pushing a metal buggy !!!
At home there wasn't a storm but we did get some welcome rain. All the thirsty plants looked so relived to finally get a drink. It didn't rain a lot but any helps when it has been so hot and dry.
Hubbie came home and dug some new potatoes from the garden and we steamed some yellow squash to go with them.
He said the dirt was still dry under the potato vines.
He said son had tried to stand this afternoon but that made him very sick very quickly,but he got okay when they layed him back down. He talked to the doctors today and was told they are going to meet Monday and decide when and what they will do next week.
Daughter brought g-son a new toy and he has played with it all evening.
Daughter baked and I iced this evening while hubbie went back to the hospital to shave son and help him get a bath.
When he came home he said he was in much better spirits tonight all cleaned up and relaxed with a low pain level. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day !!
As I sat at the end of our drive today I noticed this Chickory blooming on the side of the road. I miss my wildflower walks, maybe it won't be long before I can get back on them.
Chickory is a kind of scraggly looking plant but the flower is so pretty. The blooms close in the evening and open again with the light of the next morning. Ever wonder why God made things do what they do ??
I am so tired tonight I told daughter I feel like an old dishrag someone has wrung all the water from.
I thank God everyday that it gets closer to son being able to come home and begin the healing process. God knows what's best for son and I know he'll be beside him every step of the way and that is so comforting at a time like this. What a wonderful Savior we have!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'm sorry to hear that your son is still so sick and still having so much pain. It's just going to take some time. He was lying flat in the bed for so long. Hang on ---it will get better. I do know that it puts alot of stress on all of the family though. God Bless You ALL.

Wish we would get some rain here... It's been a horribly hot and dry and muggy week for us... They 'say'??? that next week will be better. The rains have just gone all around us this past week.

Get some rest.

NCmountainwoman said...

We're still praying for you and the family. I know from personal experience last winter how exhausting this all can be. I would look in the mirror and wonder who in the world was that old haggard woman staring back at me!!!

Trust will get better. I know you can't stop worrying just as I could not stop worrying. But you have your family and your faith to get you through this.

Patty H. said...

Still saying a prayr for your son. I know this is a stressful time for all of you.
Chickory! I love this 'weed'. We have it growing up near the road at the cow pastor. I always thought it was cornflower because of the color. So pretty.
Patty H.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Loved the photo of your chicory..we don't have that wildflower here up north:)