Wednesday, January 25, 2012


As I lounged in bed listening to the news before getting up this morning I got a call from d-in-love asking if g-son could come on over instead of going to school. He wasn't feeling great and had a nasty cough and runny nose.
While I was doing the chores she brought him by and we came inside and he ate 2 waffles for breakfast then acted like he felt normal. His nose was a little runny and he looked a little pale but he settled down in front of the TV while I did my housework.
After lunch he wanted something sweet so we made brownies,which he did all the stirring and pouring and was so proud of them he stood at the oven and with the light on watched as they cooked.
With the weather so nice again today we headed outside this afternoon.
It was a freezy pop kinda day,62 degrees.

 These are usually a summertime treat but this weather feels almost like summer.

We played outside until mom came to pick him up early today .
These last couple of days are what makes winter time bearable. A good dose of Vitamin D is good for the soul as well as everything else.
After he left I came inside and cleaned up the living room where he had all his toys scattered.
Today while I was playing with g-son I discovered a large hole dug right against the foundation of the house . When hubbie came home I showed it to him and he poked a stick way down in it and found it went very deep right against  the blocks of the foundation. Not good if rain gets down in there and seeps into the basement. We hauled dirt and rocks and filled that one and several more holes we found in the surrounding plant beds up. Hubbie thinks it is a large rat but we are afraid to put out poison because of the dogs.
After chores we had loaded baked potatoes for supper, rested awhile and then I exercised alone as hubbie has a headache.
I did our weekly paperwork tonight before watching the Duke/Maryland b-ball game which Duke won.
This has been a bad news night. First d-in-love text me saying  friends of theirs who were expecting their first baby in 2 months lost it today. So sad for this young couple as well as all the family.
Then sis-in-law called with the news about a cousin  of ours that had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and the news is not good at all today.
I am praying for both these hurting families tonight. I pray that God comforts them in the way I know he can during this time and guides them through their grief.
So many sad things are happening around me right now I am forever thankful that I and my family are thriving and happy in these days. God is a wonderful loving God and I know He won't bring anyone to anything He won't help them through.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We never did rain today even though it had been predicted. It is coming tomorrow and tomorrow night... I am SO tired of all of our clouds, dreariness and RAIN.. This has been a strange winter.

Sorry about the sad news... That shows us all that none of us are free of what life brings us... We just try to do the best we can when we have that chance. God Bless.