Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As this last day of January begins all warm and sunny I am in my regular routine of chores,breakfast,my morning walk along with hanging a couple laundry loads of blankets and covers on the clothesline for the solar dryer to work it's magic on today, all this before heading out to pick up g-son from pre-school.
After lunch it was housework and laundry until mid afternoon when we went outside to spend a couple hours enjoying this weather.
After dad picked him up hubbie and I did our exercises and settled down to watch a UNC/ WakeForest b-ball game on TV, which UNC won.

As this first month of 2012 comes to an end,I'll have to say it has been an enjoyable month although a strange one.
With no snow and very few cold temperature days it has not felt much like the recent Januaries we've had.
Our family started the month out in celebration of a late Christmas on New Years Day with all of Hubbie's family at our house.

After several years of very long hair I decided to have it cut shorter this month and I'm glad I did.

I have spent much of the month deep cleaning my house. Things I don't do but once a year like taking everything off shelves and out of cabinets. I also have been working on organizing all my photos again this year. This has been a several year project as I only have time to work on it during winter months.
I also managed to get some sewing projects cut out while the weather was warm.
There were rainy days almost each week but plenty of very nice days that g-son and I enjoyed being outside on.

As of the first week of the month I no longer worked as our church janitor, a job I had held since the new sanctuary and offices were built in 2006. The officers of the church decided they wanted to combine the 2 janitor positions into one and they wanted me to take it but it required to much time so they began a search for someone to fill the position. D-in-love decided she would try it and so far it has worked out well for her. I now pick g-son up from pre-school 3 or 4 days a week and keep him all afternoon.
As I said earlier in this post this has been a strange January and these blooming Daffodils prove that .
 This sight is a rare one for the last day of January for sure.
As the sun sets on this last day of January, I wonder what February will bring?

God knows and because of that I know it will be all right with me !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Yesterday was the perfect day here, too. Just right to make the body ready for spring.

I like the hair cut, also will be easier to care for and looks good, too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi, Sorry I haven't been around this week. We have been traveling and taking more photos... Hope you are having a great week.

Great photos. I am a little concerned about this 'mild' weather --and wonder what Feb. will bring... They even said on the news today that Chicago has had the mildest January in 80 years... Crazy!!!