Monday, January 30, 2012


An early morning for g-son as his dad has to be at work at 7:30 today. He was not in a good mood this morning and nothing pleased him. Hope the teachers at school fair better with him.
Hubbie stopped and got a haircut on the way home and I was just finishing the chores when he got here.
We had breakfast and I worked my morning crossword puzzle as we made a list for Sam's Club.
After we picked up g-son still in a funk we went shopping and got lunch at Sam's. Had a nice visit with the minister that married #1 son who was babysitting his granddaughter while his family shopped.
When we got home hubbie worked on the automobiles this afternoon, changing oil in one and checking all fluid levels in others. G-son was happy inside for a while so I did a couple loads of month ending laundry to get a head start on tomorrow. It was so nice today, a sunny 55 degrees, that I hung our comforter out on the line to dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be mid 60's after a chilly 30 degree night.
G-son and I went outside to play for awhile this afternoon.
Boys and dogs they just attract each other I think ......

Bernie and Dolly watch as he zips his jacket in anticipation of an outside run.

Daughter's dog Tipper who was visiting today loves to give him kisses......

His dad picked him up just before chore time.
He is really worried about the apples in the county with this warm weather they will bud too early.
No apples mean no work for him.
After chores and a salad supper hubbie and I did our exercises. I made both of us doctors appointments today with a new doctor in Asheville. We felt like we needed a doctor over there  so if we need to go to the hospital it will be easier to go to Mission.
I also took our blood pressure tonight and Hubbie's is still borderline high. Mine is almost normal.

#2 son called and needed a haircut from hubbie so while they did that I went back to my photo organization. I hung with it tonight until I finished all the oldest photos. Now I'm up to the 2000's. I need to buy more file boxes for these years. At least maybe I will recognize the people in these pics unlike the older photos.
The first month of the new year is almost gone. This has been an unusual January weatherwise for sure and it looks like February is going to start out the same.
 Normally at the end of January we are sighing a sigh of relief that winter is about 1/2 over but this year we are holding our breath wondering when and if we are actually going to have a winter.
I am sure God has a plan for the weather as well as everything else and it will be reveled in His own time. Trust and Obey, for there's no other way !!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

The joy of dogs and children!!!

I worry, too, about the fruit...don't like them getting nipped in the bud.