Saturday, January 14, 2012


A cold market day this morning but it was a little busier than last Saturday.
As I covered my table  before leaving I noticed how empty it was of sewn items. Note to self "you need to hurry up with the cleaning and get behind the sewing machine" !!!!
January typically is my deep cleaning month, where I move everything and clean under it, go through all cabinets ,etc.  I
February is tax month !!!
March is catching up with my sewing month. But with all the empty shelves I need to speed this up a bit.
I stopped by a antique/junk shop on the way home that is having a going out of business sale. But it looked just like it did when I was in there a couple years ago. There is so much stuff you can't even move much less find anything !! I really only need a cup holder that hangs on the wall to display some old cups I have but he didn't have one. Lucky for me I came home with all my money intact !!
After unloading the van ,hubbie took it up to his shop to change the oil and put the new brake fluid cap that he finally found after searching 3 parts stores. But guess what, he found the old cap lodged in a space, maybe where he layed it last time he checked the fluid level ????????
Daughter brought grand-dog Tipper by this evening to play with Annie and also had a nice young man with her that one of her friends had introduced her to. He made a nice first impression on hubbie and I anyway.
I got some photos downloaded this afternoon and read my new O magazine.
It has been a sunny day until late this evening when the clouds rolled in. The high was 43 degrees and tonight it is supposed to be mid 20's with snow flurries.
Hubbie and I had some of the shrimp we bought at the coast in October for supper tonight,yummy.
Relaxing night watching the flames in the wood stove and being grateful .
I'll leave you with this thought and May God Bless.

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Gail said...

Sewing is a good cold weather sport.