Friday, January 13, 2012


Whew !!!, What  a difference this morning as it now feels like a January morning should. Luckily the hard winds of last night didn't do much damage around here. Only blew over some patio furniture and left some limbs around the yard. I am very thankful after listening to the gust hit the bedroom windows as I tried to get to sleep last night.
After chores and breakfast I baked 18 layers, a pound and a wine cake before lunch.
#1 son isn't working today so he picked up g-son from pre-school and brought him here for lunch. He wanted waffles with syrup over them. I told son that was probably more healthy than that burger and fries he had stopped and picked up for himself on the way.
After lunch son went over to a friends house to help him put some flooring down, leaving g-son to spend the afternoon with me.
While he played with his race set and operation game I did the yearly cleaning of all my old china and things I keep in this old cabinet in the sunroom.

These open mouthed lion heads on this cabinet were believed to ward off ill spirits in olden days.

To me they are a nice conversation piece.
I removed all the dishes and what-nots and cleaned them as well as the cabinet shelves and outside glass and wood. All these dishes have wonderful memories for me and I have decided I need to document the connections with these pieces and keep it with them.
This pitcher and glasses set was purchased by Hubbie's mother in 1955, the year he was born.

This next pitcher and unfortunately only one glass made it to me came from my mother's house and I remember using this every summer with tea and lemonade in it.

These next two sets are Princess House sets I purchased when the kids were small, have no idea why I only bought 2 ????

This set has papers with it that say Heritage.

This set is Fantasia patterned Princess House Chrystal.
I keep telling the kids that after I'm gone a trip to Antique Roadshow is in their future !!
I love the memories these things evoke and that to me makes them worth keeping and cleaning at least once a year.I am going to look each piece up to get a name and age, and get an idea of the current value.
As I get  the info on each one I am going to put it in a post so it will be preserved on here as well as put the info with the piece.
After cleaning g-son begged to help me make some caramel icing so he could have some to eat.
So we made the icing and he only made one mistake that will make my load of cakes to market one less tomorrow.
If you look at this picture really closely you will see a small hand print in this layer. G-son was checking to make sure it was cool when he somehow stumbled and mashed his hand into it??!!!Me thinks he just wanted some cake to go with his icing !!!
But I feel blessed as this ,a pound cake that fell and a little snafoo with my van tonight were the only bad luck that I had on this Friday the 13th and the clock just ticked to 12:01 so it is now the 14th.
Daughter had a house warming party with the TV people she used to work with tonight and d-in-love attended so #1 son, #2 son and g-son all came up for supper tonight.
I made a cake delivery and the "low brake fluid" light came on in the van. When I got home hubbie checked it and found the cap to the reservoir missing. We have no idea when it was taken off  unless they checked it Monday during the inspection and didn't get it back on tightly so it fell off. Anyway I now have a celephane plastic and rubber band cap until Hubbie can find a parts place that has one to buy. Hubbie said that was my bad luck for the day but I think that was my good luck because if that light hadn't come on there's no telling how long it would have been until I found the cap missing and dirt and water might have gotten into the brakes.
I have all my cakes iced and wrapped and am headed for bed after midnight.
It has been a cold day with 32 being the high of the day but the snow stayed north of us and the wind has died down. Right now it is 24 and quiet at midnight.
Glory to God , our Father who watches over us constantly.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Cannot believe you all didn't get any snow. Carolyn (Brevard) said that they didn't get any either. Usually when we get some, you get MORE.... Crazy!!!!

Glad you had a good Friday, the 13th.. YES--Me thinks that your smart grandson wanted some cake to go with his icing... ha ha

How is your older son's neck now? Did he get the job he was trying to get?

Have a great weekend.
P.S. Love seeing your crystal and china. What great memories!!!