Sunday, January 22, 2012


Another dreary cloudy morning as I hurried through chores and got ready for church.
I have a white Silkie hen who wants to set so badly but I'm afraid it is just to early and I know it is bound to get cold more this winter.(surely)
So she growls at me each day when I take the eggs from under her that the other hens lay in her box.
Church was nice today but uneventful. Daughter had to help her friend with the smaller children today and #1 son's family didn't make it.
We had pot roast from the crock pot, green beans,corn and mashed potatoes for lunch with apple crumb cake for dessert from the frozen apple slices I put in the freezer.
After we ate hubbie, #2 son and daughter headed to Lowes to get the supplies for her split rail fence she wants to go around her back yard. #2 son is off this week and he is going to build it for her.
#1 son's family went home to continue their house cleaning.
I piddled around the house this afternoon,not really accomplishing anything but getting ideas for this weeks deep cleaning chores.
I relaxed and watched a women's b-ball game on TV between Duke and Maryland which Duke won but it was a very close game all the way.
The clouds have hung on all day and the temperature has dropped slowly,at evening chore time it was 38 degrees and very foggy and damp. It is supposed to start raining later tonight and last until noon tomorrow. The ground is so saturated and muddy that I have to very careful where I step so I won't slide down.
To move along with more decade pictures in 1982 we had a more typical January.
Snow sledding was fun in those early days for all of us big kids. My 2 brothers and their wives joined hubbie and I for a cold afternoon ride. This is Hubbie taking his turn while we all watch from the top of the hill.

This is my oldest brother's wife being pushed by her husband with my younger brother looking on.

This is my younger brother's wife whizzing down the hill.

And this is me looking at the long walk back up the hill carrying the tube. These big truck tire innner tubes made the best sleds and were light to carry !!!!

That year Hubbie and I didn't own but one four -wheel drive and I was driving it to work. So there was so much snow we bought Hubbie an old 1969 Rambler to drive back and forth to his work place.
This is me standing in front of it at my mom's house.

The rear end is sitting low because Hubbie had it loaded down with firewood to give him more traction in the snow and ice.
Looking at this snow makes me kinda wish for a snow fall here at least a small one before winter is over !
After this week of cleaning  is finished I have several task to tackle along with February tax time and one of them is continuing with my photograph organization. The ones I have done so far make it so easy to find pics from any given event or time and I need to get the remainder of them in order.
I also need to get started on my next blog book to catch me up again to where I am now. These 2 things along with sewing will make the blah days of February very busy. March is usually my sewing month due to the weather being warmer but since I moved my machines inside that isn't an issue any longer so I'm hoping to get some things made in February.
But before I make February plans I need to accomplish my January task of doing the deep cleaning of the entire house. In this last week I need to do our bedroom, my office and g-son's room.
Speaking of g-son he will be here early in the morning so it is time to sign off and get ready for bed.
Thanking God for my blessings today and for the opportunity to worship Him with my church family.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I remember much more snow years ago. Even when I was a little girl growing up in Southwest Virginia, we had MUCH more snow than we have now...

I hope we'll also have at least one nice snow this winter. Maybe Feb. will bring that to us. Ya think????

We had another dreary day--but no rain. It was just cloudy and windy... We are supposed to get heavy rains about 6 a.m. in the morning...

Love your snow pictures...