Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A cold morning brought icy roads,closed schools and many unlucky early morning commuters.

I haven't heard of any injuries around here from all the wrecks but  folks like this driver sure tore up a lot of automobiles last night and this morning.

Hubbie got up and made it to work only a few minutes late around 6 am with no trouble but lucky for him not many folks are on the roads at that hour.
#2 and #1 son also made it to their work places around 7 am. Since schools were closed daughter waited until about 9 before she got to work. The snow had blown off the steep hill out of her housing development. As for me I did the chores , broke ice in water buckets for the first of many times today and gave everything extra feed to fend off the cold winds that are still howling this morning.
After breakfast I started laundry and continued with putting away my Christmas things. I have them all in their plastic storage boxes except for the outside decorations which I'm waiting until the wind dies down to get down. All the boxes are stacked in the sunroom ready to be taped and carried to the storage shed.
After lunch I had my yearly skin check at the dermatologist and I knew I had another squamous cell starting on my leg.

So now I have a ring of blisters where he froze not only this one off but another small one just above it, youchy. When he found the first one in the past years he said the diagnosis was actually Bowens desease which is a surface skin cancer desease and we would have to vigilantly watch for them as they appear. So far they have only been on my lower legs. They look like pink candy stuck to my skin,they are so bright so they are easy to identify. This one came up last summer and he said today was not in cancerous stage yet.
I was very thankful he didn't find anything else today.
The high temperature today was 27 and the wind is still blowing. I have broke ice on the chickens water 3 times today hoping they would grab a drink before it froze back. We have heaters in the stock tanks for the cattle but the chickens aren't so lucky. I gave them another extra feeding this evening and they acted very appreciative.
Sadie my older tri-color Aussie spent last night inside downstairs and will be there again tonight. Annie, my red Aussie doesn't like being inside the house so we put extra bedding in her nice warm dog house and she is fine.
They both got warm suppers tonight. The wind is not as bad tonight as it was last night but the temperature is already 20 at 10:30 and is supposed to get in the mid teens tonight.
D-in-love had an interview for the cleaning job at church tonight and is hoping for the job.
#1 son came by to pick up some things this evening and his neck is no better and he said it is still hurting pretty bad. He has an appointment with a throat specialist  tomorrow morning.
I am heading for the Air-Borne tonight as I have been sneezing all evening and felt like I was going to get a migraine all afternoon. Maybe it was just hating to go to the doctor because the headache never came and the feeling like it was coming left after I got home from the doc's office !
Big change coming for me tomorrow , hope I'm happy with it , details later !!

Grateful to God for the blessings of the day and praying for His guidance tomorrow.
Good Night and God bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We have had that kind of weather here --with lots of accidents last night --and schools closed today.

It's extremely cold here too. We walked yesterday in 25 degree weather and walked today in 27 degree temps.... Brrrrrrrrrr...

Hope you are not getting sick.. This is not the time of year to be sick.. Eat some chicken soup!!!!


Ardith said...

Hey there! I had 5 pre-cancerous cell spots frozen a couple weeks ago. It sure is uncomfortable having it done! Mine are on my hands and arms, back and face! Thank God for the once a year check ups! Although like you, I recognize them now. At least they stave off surgery! God Bless.